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  1. The embassy loaded a bunch of dates for IR1/CR1 about 30 mins ago. I was able to snag one for Feb 14. There were a number for Feb 14,15,21, and 22. By the time I booked it was Feb 14 10:30AM left and there were about 20 slots left. It appears it was only for IR1/CR1 and IR2/CR2.
  2. For our timeline our PD March 2020 and our petition was approved by USCIS on November 2020 and DQ date was Feb 2021. We received our interview date on Aug 2021 but couldn't make it as my wife was pregnant. Keep in mind ours was a CR-1. We were surprised it only took 6 months since we figured like you there was a massive backlog. We were not expedited at all.
  3. My DQ date is Feb 23 2021. We already received an interview date back in August 2021. However it was very close to my wife's due date (pregnant) so we could not travel to Manila. I've been trying to get a new date since then with no luck.
  4. No worries! I also thought the same as you before. It's actually good to know now how they handle it.
  5. Yes I don't see that. My wife is IR-1. We were CR-1 but we've been waiting so long it went over the 2 year limit and became an IR-1.
  6. For what visa class is this? I just checked and I don't see any for IR1.
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