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  1. Hi guys Filed for n-400 based on 3-year marriage on oct 4. The website is showing that I filed oct 3 which is incorrect. My receipt notice shows October 4 so I think I'm fine. I spoke with a USCIS rep who said it is showing the 4th for them. Still a bit nervous. It's weird though because I filed at around noon mountain time on oct 4. This means that nowhere in the world was it October 3. Anyway, excited for the journey! Got my receipt and bio reuse immediately, now showing 'actively reviewing'. I check like 5x a day, need to chill on that one.
  2. We are filing beforehand We reside in our state and meet those requirements. We won't be breaching continuous residence or the physical presence test. It can take over a year in our state. I am very homesick and miss my family and friends, we travel a lot in general.
  3. Hi everyone! Can I take a long (5 month) trip to my home country after filing? we will file online, 3 year marriage based, we have had 180 days out of the country in the last 3 years. Does an additional 150 Days impact my citizenship? My husband would keep his US job, I would try to keep mine but they might not allow me to stay remote. My I751 was approved in June this year (7.5 months), SLC, UT office. This is assuming we get a biometric reuse notice. If we don't we would leave after biometrics. We would keep our US house and mortgage (would leave it vacant since it’s our residence), it would just be a long visit not to live. I would of course return as soon as any interview is scheduled, we are happy to book a short notice (day of) flight so that we have time to return with no issue. Has anyone done this or something similar? My home country is Australia and they have totally messed up their vaccine rollout, they make it really hard to come and go from Australia, with insane quarantine requirements - $6,000 for a couple for the 15 days, flight caps mean flights are nearly 50 thousand dollars AUD (40k usd) for a couple. This makes it really hard to go for less than at minimum a few months. Thank you all for sharing your input!
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