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  1. Thank you, do i contact the embassy in Casa by phone or email?
  2. My fiance's mailing address is in Madrid but we chose the consulate to be Casablanca's consulate in Morocco because this is his country of citizenship and he is only on student visa in Spain. The nvc sent me today that the case was forwarded to the consulate in Madrid. how do I change it to Casablanca?
  3. I submitted an inquiry using this link and they replied “We approved your case and sent an Approval Notice to the most recent address we have on file. The U.S. Postal Service has not returned your Approval Notice to this office. What You Can Do For a duplicate approval notice, you must file a Form I-824, Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition, with the applicable filing fee and original signature.” i was wondering if i can find online what is the address they have on file to make sure it’s the recent one and also if they have a tracking number for the letter because I am filing a search request with USPS.
  4. Hi My case was approved on Dec 4th and I still didn't receive the approval letter (NOA2). I moved a couple of months ago, sent a form informing USCIS, and received confirmation that they changed my address. However, I am thinking maybe it was not reflected on the NOA2 letter. I sent an e-request about my letter and was told the letter was sent and USPS didn't send it back to USCIS and i should file form i-824 and pay the 465 fees if I want a duplicate approval. I just want to make sure they have the right address to not pay this money and get nothing again. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I received NOA2 for my the I129F petition I filed for my fiance one week ago after 14 months wait and now waiting for NVC. However, due to some circumstances my fiance may need to remain in his country for the next 18 months. Can i simply postpone taking an appointment with the embassy for the next 12 months or take an appointment in January, 2024 for instance? or is there a maximum date before which I129F petition becomes obsolete and I need to restart the process from the beginning?
  6. Thank you for your reply. I am starting the process only now unfortunately. Will he be eligible for nonimmigrant visa while waiting these 16 years so he can at least visit me? I saw on the website that he may not be eligible for nonimmigrant visa if he has a pending immigrant visa.
  7. Hi everyone, I am a US citizen residing in the US but neither of my parents or my sibling are citizens. I have a brother who has down syndrome and needs to live with a relative. I know the process for bringing siblings is very long and I need to show he will be able to work or something. Is there a special case if I am the only care taker possible for my brother and he needs to live with me?
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