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  1. Hlo Lubna Anjum, do you receive Interview latter?? Because I think January 2021 people are getting there ils,, if you did it please share your interview experience 

  2. You are so Lucky! Seriously! My PD Mar 2017, DC since Nov 2019 but still have not been scheduled for interview, F2A, Mumbai Consulate , Did you submit expedite request for interview ?
  3. Hi Sergey, I gave information at that time specifically related to California Center which is verified info from travel.state.gov . My dear, I am waiting since Nov 2020 , and I know a couple waiting since 2019 also...do you still think there are no backlog for California Centre? Then what are we waiting for?
  4. Congratulations! You have applied from which country and what was your processing center in the USA?
  5. Processing Center : California have huge backlogs upto 32 months. Currently they are working on petitions that were received on or after Jan 31st 2019. Good Luck !
  6. Hi Mr. Patel, July statistics are updated. Its very disappointing to see that from overall India we only got 1 visa approved for F2 category whereas F3 got 49 approved, F4 - 82 approved and from Mumbai Consulate we got F3 -19 approved and F4 28 approved but Zero approvals from F2 category in July'2021. It implies that siblings visa F4 is given more priority than F2 category - Children and Spouse. (I know its depending upon PD & DQ date, country etc) but why to categorize the priority basis if its not followed properly by consulates. From USCIS, F2 category is prioritize than F4. But practically, F2 category is ignored totally. JULY 2021 - IV Issuances by FSC and Visa Class (state.gov) JULY 2021 - IV Issuances by Post and Visa Class (state.gov)
  7. I am on the same page with you, I got two different lawyers and had a very bad experience with both of them. Paid fees to both lawyers but it was a Waste of Time, Money & Energy. I was telling them the next step to be done (From my own research). They were just following the steps I was bringing to their notice. It looked like I am their lawyer rather than them. 1st lawyer experience: She said, I can get my Visa in maybe 6 months (Its been 4 and half years now) and she withdrawn from my case in the middle, just because I asked her 'Who would be responsible if my visa is rejected'? (Obviously! she didn't liked my question). I asked this because she forgot to attach an important attestation stamp paper in my file which was sent to USCIS, as a result, I got RFE. This RFE delayed my process more by 7 months which could have been avoided easily had this lawyer handled my case properly... I mean seriously, if we are to receive RFE from USCIS then what's the point of keeping an immigration lawyer? They are so called expert immigration lawyer who can't even handle our case properly. 2nd lawyer experience: He said again same thing that I can get my visa in 6 months. (It is more than 2 years with this lawyer - Such a big lie ). He didn't gave or explained my options that I had to visit or stay with my family in usa (Even though I asked him what are my options. I did a research on my own and told him about Advance Parole option. Then he asked for a whopping amount of $12000 to file for my advance parole (With less than 10% chance of getting visa). Robber !! I advice everyone, DO NOT go for lawyers .They don't care about your case , forget about apology, they don't even show a sympathy for such long waits we had to do (for their mistakes) and we have to figure out everything on our own. They show immigration experience of 16+ years in their websites but act as if they are too new to the process. Infact, we have to spoon feed them all process. (What's the use of having them with us ??? Huhhhh)
  8. I am waiting since Nov'2020 but no interviews schedule yet. There is approximately 10-30 months backlog (Depending upon processing center and visa category) for interviews as there are more than 500000 cases pending in the backlog. If you tell me about your Visa category & processing center, I can give you better analysis and can help you know when to expect an interview approximately.
  9. I am waiting in same category (F2) in same processing center - California (I am from India) and DQ since Nov'2020. Its been 10+ months, I have been waiting... I have also seen cases waiting for a year and half... Good Luck !!
  10. I am sure your wife's case would be coming soon , much before mine, because I am DQ since Nov'2020 but your wife's case is DQ since Feb 2020. So, you will receive an update much before mine... Please do keep us posted here if you hear anything from them about interviews.
  11. When we see a trend, a very positive rate is seen for overall visa approvals (All categories). Mumbai Consulate issued overall 421 (all categories) in April out of which F2 category got 2 Visas approved. 117 Visas (all categories) in May out of which F2 category got 1 visa approved, In June they have issued 785 (all categories) out of which F2 approved was 3 visas. Analysis shows there is great amount of increase in overall Visa approvals. However, F2 category approvals are barely minimum approved Visa. This category is clearly ignored by the system. Very Frustrating actually. If we calculate daily data with 22 working days (standard), In April, they approved 19 visas per day, May-5 Visas per day, June-35 visas per day. The Approval rate per day is too low. They can either conduct digital/online/virtual interviews or have us sit in embassy with social distancing and increase approval rate per day basis. This report is really pathetic and disappointing.
  12. You might get an interview schedule before Mine, kindly update once you get interview schedule. Thanks and Good Luck !
  13. Hi Emmanuella, I am from same Category, DQ: Nov 2020, I received 120 days notice then 60 days and another 60 days notice again, this will go on until interview is scheduled.
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