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  1. Yes. when we looked at rescheduling (because getting to frankfurt in time without staying overnight is impossible with public transit), all the appointment slots are for 7:30 am and there's only one slot per day.
  2. There's really nothing wrong in our paperwork or anything. It's just so nerve wracking after the delays we faced over 2020 and we just heard that his interview was changed to 7:30 am because they're only doing one a day now. We will look over all our information again and prepare for the interview better. Thank you for the help.
  3. Can they reject your visa application at the interview because of any potential problem with the paperwork? My fiance is stressing about this and I'm trying to tell him to calm down because the paperwork was already looked at and, I think, approved by somebody.
  4. The U.S. Consulate Frankfurt. My fiance is German and received a letter from them that they got his papers but they wanted a letter telling them to keep the case open after it expired last year.
  5. I sent a letter to the consulate handling our visa earlier this month and have not heard back from them. The letter was to confirm we want to continue our visa after it (obviously) expired in 2020 and was not being handled until May. It's starting to weird me out we haven't heard back, should I send another and an Email to make sure our case is still open?
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