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  1. I’m not trying to violate any of the forum’s rules, just personally feel some of the comments didn’t address my original questions or really matter in our situation at all. Please keep in mind what works for you doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for other people or they could afford to do it. She didn’t just fly to a closeby state, it’s over 2,500 miles (coast to coast) if driven by car. I also have a full-time job in the state I’m at. And she did not just rush to the OB when she found out, we’ve tried to conceive for years with some unfortunate events in the past, so our first thoughts was just simply that we wanted the OB to confirm the pregnancy and did a full checkup. It’s also a personal decision on how you deal and live your life with the pandemic, this is just how our family is, we avoid crowded place and interactions in general. No judgement on how others act otherwise. Anyhow, we have no excuse for what already happened or why we should or should not do something, and I’m not sure how to explain it any further… We’ve used the same attorney since the beginning of the I-751 process and even he was surprised that we got called for the 2nd interview as the 1st one was short and nothing out of the ordinary (his quote), and now the 3rd one…. we do hope he knows what he’s doing as switching to a different attorney would not be the best option at this point (we’ve called around and other attorneys insisted we should keep going with our current one).
  2. Hello folks, thank you for all the sound advices. Clearly, I did not make this post to get opinions regarding marriage/family matters…it’s a background story for my wife’s outstanding immigration application. One of the questions asked in the OP was should we explain everything to the officer right at the interview when the DNA test is requested or should we still take the test and then explain later. I understand it might doesnt make any difference in the outcome but would like to see which route would be best to navigate around this situation.
  3. Yes, I understand, really appreciate your help & advices. Hopefully our third interview will go well.
  4. I’m new to the platform so not sure how to respond to individual posts. I am the US citizen and sponsored my wife through our marriage. Just to be clear from my original post, we were never separated or lived in different locations since we got married, even when he had issues. The only reason my wife flew to another state in the first place was to visit her younger brother and the plan was only be there for 2-3 weeks, this was before we found out she was pregnant. We found out my wife was pregnant when she was in that state (about 2 weeks later, she did not conceived in that state), she went to an OBGYN and she had a high-risk pregnancy and the doctor strongly adviced against travels due to that risk and COVID - that’s the whole reason we decide it was best for her to stay with the relative until things got better. We told the whole truth to the officer at the 2nd interview, we just did not disclose the time we had issues because we did not feel a need to at that point. And I do understand giving mismatches answers has lead us to this stage, our concern is how to best explain this at the upcoming interview without further damaging our chance and best options to go if worst case scenario happens. Regarding our marriage issues, we all made mistakes, I did something first which lead to my wife being upset and had a one-time thing with an acquaintance of her (what a chance). Anyways, I am the father on the birth certificate and be there for her during the entire pregnancy + birth. The bio-father is not in this picture. We were so sure baby is mine even at the 2nd interview and after he was born but appearance wise, we could tell as he gots a little older. Proofs wise, we have pretty much eveyrything together, tax, joint bank accounts, utility bills, health + auto insurances, affidavits, tons of pictures…. @mindthegap we still want to be married to each other so I don’t think the option of her getting a new marriage would work in our case. Just a side question, she intends to go back to grad school, will she be legally apply for and remain to stay in the US on an F1 international student visa then if the LPR status terminated?
  5. Hello, My wife (the petitioner) and I have been married for 5 years and we submitted her I-751 application back in 2018, we also applied for her N-400 in 2020. We’re scheduled for our third I-751 interview in the next couple weeks so would like to get some insights and what options we will have if the result turned out to be negative (if USCIS denies my wife’s I-751). We’ve had an attorney with us during the first two interviews (1st one was same room, 2nd one was stoke), and he’ll attend this third interview with us. 1- Is it common to be asked for multiple I-751 interviews? Most I see is two times. 2- What would be the best options for my wife to lawfully remain in the US if USCIS decided to terminate her residency? Refile I-751? Can we still refile if NTA was sent together with the termination letter? 3- I also read residency status remains until the final decison made by the IJ, is this correct? So let’s say even if USCIS sent out termination letter, one can still legally stay in the US until the offical removal decisions made by the court? Some facts about our relationship/marriage: we’ve been together for 7 years (dating 2, married 5), and just like any couples, we’ve had our ups & downs but still love each other and want to build a future together. We have a child together and even though he’s not biologically mine, I still look at him as my real son. I mention this because I feel like my wife’s pregnancy and how the 2nd stoke interview went might trigger this 3rd interview. Due to the pandemic & high risk pregnancy, my wife unfortunately was stuck in another state during her pregnancy for about 6m (which we told the truth and disclosed to the officer at the 2nd interview - she was 32wks pregnant at this interview). There were some mismatches in our answers about our stay apart, the pregnancy,…due to both of us being nervous and not sure how the officer would interpret our situation. I myself did not find out about my son until recently when my wife and I sat down to talk about everything that went thru with our relationship. Anyhow, we resolved our conflicts and forgave each other’s mistakes… My quesion is if USCIS requested for DNA test, what would be the best way to handle this? Should we just straght off tell them the whole story and the one-time mistake that my wife made right when they request it? Or still take the test even though we already know the result and then explain the story later? We did disclose this to our attorney too when I found out since we want him to know the whole story and he said he needs some time to think about it. Regardless, I’m not sure how they will interpret our marriage and I dont want this to negatively impact my wife’s residency status in the US. Thank you for reading my long post…
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