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  1. Hi all! I've almost finished gathering all the documents for my spouse's I-130 petition and am looking to file online (from Japan) within the next week or so. However, it looks like we may have to move from our apartment back to her in-laws house at some point towards the end of the year due to the corona economy taking a hit on our incomes. With this in mind, I'm listing my mailing address as her in-laws address on the I-130A and online application, but our apartment is still listed as our current address. I have a few questions regarding this topic: 1. Are we able to change our address during the petition process? If so, are we to alert UCSIC directly of the change? 2. Has anyone ever experienced a delay in their petition due to a change of address? 3. Since our mailing address will be stable, can we rest assured knowing USCIS will use it as their point of contact with us? Thank you very much in advance for your time!
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