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    trivia, texas hold em, spending time with my fiancee when i can, reading, cooking

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    I taught kindergarten in NYC for about 2 years, on a J-1 visa. We met online July 06, and met in person Sept 06. He lives near Albany, NY, so it was a 3hr distance, manageable.

    I quit my job dec. 06 because of reasons i wont go into here. I began working as a substitute teacher (which i was told was allowed) until April 07 when I got a call saying it wasn't and I had 30 days to leave the US) I left and spent the summer at home. Applied for grad school in the albany area. got denied. I decided to go down and just visit. Left Edmonton Aug 28/07, with a return ticket booked for DEc 22. customs stopped me and questioned me, but let me through.
    Sept 7 we went to celebrate our anniversary in Ontario, at the event at which we had met the year previous. On Sept 9/07 heading back into the US, we were pulled over and questioned. I was denied entry as a visitor (based on lack of $ to support myself for a 3 month stay)

    We are now engaged, and I went back to Alberta for a few months, but decided it was easier to move to Ontario and be closer to him. We are in the process of immigrating on a K1.

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