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  1. We did, process we adopted was asking for a tier 2 officer call back and then approach the congressman as well. Once a case officer has been assigned to your case they will ask for a proof. Some even got the card without a proof being asked for.
  2. I dont know where you live, but you should follow up with your congressman. Ask them to put in a query to SSA agency. Once they have a complaint/query on record they will definitely respond back?
  3. Pretty much similar, where we had asked for a expedite based on a pending job offer. Once we got the notice from USCIS to share the information via fax we faxed it. Good luck, please do share your experience.
  4. Understood, true it might not be the case for you. Good Luck to you. When is your interview? Yes we did. We had expedited based on job offer.
  5. Where are you based out of, i meant which state? Anyways did you already finish the interview?
  6. We have to show something which is joint, get some of them like a utility bill, health insurance etc. Not having a joint bank account is a major red flag. I might be wrong as well as interviewer might not even ask for it. Do you have photos as to where you have gone to some trips/vacation together?
  7. Do you have a joint bank statement, lot of them were asked about it during the interview.
  8. Yes, thanks a ton. We just finished the interview and were approved right away. Thanks to all in the group. Had to follow up repeatedly though.
  9. Hi All, Expedite got approved, do we get to know as to when they would schedule the interview? Anyway to track the same?
  10. Yes I did, I expedited in March and got a response couple of days ago. For which I sent the fax, it was based on the job offer. I also asked congressman since they were not reponding back to the expedite.
  11. Biometric, last month. March 2 nd week. How long does it take to recieve the card once it says card is being produced?
  12. Thanks a ton to all, EAD got approved today. Waiting for the GC interview now. Thank you again all.
  13. Purpose is first PCS to OCONUS. Wanted to get the green card before we travel. Understood, but i am seeing civilians without expediting their case getting earlier. So wanted to see if atleast i can get a EAD before anything. Mine is on the west coast. Understood, my fiance arrived here on K1 visa. So USCIS would have done their due diligence right.
  14. Hi, I asked for an expedite of the case. They gave me a case number, i was not asked to submit any proofs. This was 4 weeks ago. When called the cust care, i was told that the case has no processor or officer assigned. I am not sure as to what needs to be done next. Can someone please help me here. Is there a deadline for the expedite. It cannot be like we can have expedite open for 6 months and nobody looks at it and we are not submit another request.
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