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  1. Hopefully any day now, right? Last batch was three weeks ago TONIGHT. They, quite incredibly, cleared end of January through to mid-March DQs. Final interview for that batch (for people on here, at least) is the 23rd. So they'd need to send out the next batch for interviews happening in two weeks and onward this week otherwise not enough time for medicals. Hoping next batch covers a similar 7-week DQ time frame (mid-March to, what, early-May?). Hope you get in that batch and your interview is September, not October!! Then hopefully rest of May and June DQs for late September and October interviews. We are all getting there. HOPING they follow the same timelines and schedule appointments this week!!!
  2. Late March/April/maybe May DQs will have to receive interview appointments this week (or next at the latest) if things are going to continue at the current pace. Nothing scheduled from Aug 23 (for VJ'ers, at least) and those DQs will need medicals soon. Anyone with a DQ from mid-March onwards showing 'in transit' on CEAC? Let's hope to hear something by the end of the week! Will be amazing if they continue at this speed. Still hoping they can clear most of the backlog by end of September.
  3. I don't know about E-3s specifically but they've basically been operating at one third of their capacity with social distancing and travel restrictions and everything else since March 2020. Back to normal now For spouse visas, they scheduled interviews for people waiting from December to April in a three week period this month. So they've cleared a three month backlog in a matter of weeks. I'd imagine they will do the same for all other visa types. Things are moving. All good news! I doubt it will be much longer.
  4. Not necessarily. They used to give a 4-6 week notice for interviews but many here have interviews scheduled for first week of August and only received notification last Tuesday. So that's about 2 weeks notice. Plus I don't think they've ever scheduled so many CR1/IR1s in such a short time frame. (End of Jan to mid-March DQs in the first three weeks of Aug). So I don't think we can rely on old trends any more. They are definitely moving, and almost certainly prioritising spouse visas. Apart from the 23rd Aug, no one here has an appointment for that week. So those final days in Aug might still be available for appointments and we'd have to hear about those soon. That takes us into Sept... I still have faith they can interview April/May DQs in September. They've done it for late Jan to mid-March in August so why not?. Yes it's hope but it keeps me positive. Also, I noticed yesterday my CEAC now says 'Foreign state of chargeability: Great Britain and Northern Ireland' which I'm almost certain it didn't say last week. Maybe it's always been on all of yours but 100 percent not on mine. That suggests the system is automating something. At least there's movement. May DQ here
  5. Incredible how things can change. So the latest DQ date we have SO FAR is March 14. The earliest (we know of) is January 29 (see London timelines section.) So the Embassy has basically slam-dunked 6 weeks of DQ dates in around 3 weeks (Aug 1 to Aug 23, the latest interview date so far.) There could be people out there with appointments for DQs from the third week of March too -- even more incredible. At that rate, end of March through early May DQs by mid-September?!! Is it possible? I know, I should calm down. But incredibly excited now. It's going to be a mad rush for everyone on here with appointments over the next few weeks, but this really is the exciting part. Your life is about to change and it all starts here!
  6. So this Website uses algorithms that compile all the data released by the Department of State to estimate how long it takes to get a visa at any given time. This only takes into account data up until May, and expedites might skew the data somewhat, but you can see the embassy has been doing its thing for a while now. In other words, they were 1.2 months behind schedule back in May. We don't have stats for June so don't know if they did some visas or nothing at all. You can search for any consulate or even NVC timeframes.
  7. So glad I found this thread. I didn't know such a wonderful resource existed. Chins up, everyone. There's lots to be positive about now. If the rumour of the suspension of non-routine visas from August 1 is true, plus full capacity and no social distancing from July 19, the London Embassy really CAN clear this awful backlog. To be fair, that's almost pre-Covid levels of visa issuance. Let's cut them some slack. I guess June was a write-off if the staff were at G7 but maybe they did some too. My humble predictions: Note: There's a guy on British Expats forums who was given 3 weeks notice of his interview (non-expedite) so I don't think there will be those long six-week gaps between interview letter and actual interview. Based on this and on the hope that the Embassy processes twice the number of CR1s/IR1s from the end of this month.... Remaining Feb/March/early April DQs -- hearing from the Embassy very very soon with interviews in August. April/May/early June DQs - hearing in August for September/early October Just want to spread a little positivity. I don't see why something like this isn't possible. Nearly there guys!
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