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  1. I got an email notifying me that the embassy received my application earlier this week, and today I submitted the DS160 and we officially have an interview date! At the embassy in Ecuador there were appointments available starting March 1. I'm so excited that this is so close to finally being over.
  2. Hi everyone, I submitted an inquiry on the NVC page on January 7th and received a response with my case number on January 10th. Today, I received an email from NVC notifying me that my petition is now on its way to the embassy! Hopefully I'll hear from them in the next few weeks.
  3. Along with the intent to marry letters I also submitted photos of us going back to the beginning of our relationship, emails, whatsapp chat logs, itineraries of my flights to her country plus the stamps showing entry on my passport, and a receipt of the engagement ring.
  4. Hello all, Pretty late on this update but thought I'd note that I received my NOA2 on October 19, 2022. Things went silent after that so on January 7 I submitted an inquiry on the NVC site and got a response on January 10 with my case number and was told I would be notified when my case was forwarded to the embassy. Has anyone received their notice from the embassy after getting their case number?
  5. I have not received any notice from NVC yet. After seeing these replies it looks like the email is for her parents' visa and not our K1 application given that I haven't heard anything since I received the NOA1 in August of 2021. Thanks for all the help!
  6. Hello all. I submitted an application for K1 visa in August of 2021 and we're coming up on the 13.5 month time period currently shown on the USCIS website. My fiance in Ecuador separately submitted an interview request for B2 visas for her parents at the end of 2021. Today she received an email from the Quito Consulate notifying her that it's "Time to prepare for your visa interview." My question is if she would receive notice of her interview for our K1 visa application through email, or if this is actually for her parents' B2 visa request? I have not yet received an NOA2 in the mail.
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