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  1. Thank you SO so much for pointing out to the special instruction! I really appreciate everyone to take a time and respond. What a great community.
  2. Hi, I'm a newbie here. I saw the following info in another thread and I did not want to hijack it so I'm asking here. I saw the following comment by @Sparkle Sparkle but I cannot find the info on USCIS site. It used to have a link in the fee calculator asking "would you like to add another form?" and you could stack up the forms such as 485, 131, and 765 and the fee comes out $1225. But there is no such link on the fee calculator site now. So I'd like to know if there's another area on USCIS that mentioned if you are filing these documents concurrently, there is no fee for 764 and 131? Thank you in advance! Packet 2: Form I-485 (Price : 1225)-----He is asking USCIS to register him as a resident based on marriage to you the USC Form I-864 (Price : FREE)-----You must include this in the form i-485. You are declaring your salary and assets informing the US government that your spouse is your responsibility and you will take care of him till he becomes a USC or attains a certain work credit. You cannot withdraw your support. Packet 3: Form I-765 (Price : Free only when you file concurrently with I-485) --------He is asking to seek employment. Packet 4: Form I-131 (Price : Free Only when you file concurrently with I-485)------This is known as advance parole...if approved he will be able to travel abroad while his adjustment of status is still in play. NOTE!!! If you filled I-765 a single biometric card known as COMBO car will be issued to cover for Employment authorization and Advance Parole.
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