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  1. I agree with others. This doesn't make any sense and if you don't enter on your immigrant visa before it expires then you have to get another visa but most importantly you all need to find a good immigration attorney fast. Check out McBean Law. They handle complicated cases and can request all records for you all's case. Hurry as this is an urgent matter. Additionally, I know people that have waited months before flying to the US with their immigrant visa. It has nothing to do with that at all. That's why it has an expiration date. As long as you get here before then you are good based upon the law. I hope that everything works out.
  2. Matt, This maybe true. It's a gamble but at this point everything immigration is a gamble. If they choose not to do it, it's certainly a good thing that the foreign spouse has a B2. At this point, we are talking about 1.5-2 years minimum before you all will receive an interview. The biggest advice is not to wait to file. However, if you all so choose to try the K3 visa, make sure you have everything ready at the same time for the I-130 and I-129 Petition. The process is to do the I-130 wait for proof of receipt and then do the I-129 providing proof of receipt of the I-130. Then, it's time. If, the I-129 gets approved before the I-130, then you're in luck. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the I-130. I hope this helps.
  3. Matt, Your wife can apply at anytime now for you. You can visit her for up to 6 months at a time and possibly extend it to the maximum time. Additionally, you all can file for the I-130 and the K-3 visa at the same time. Once the K-3 gets approved, you can then come into the country and stay until the process is finished. There's nothing stopping you from using your B2 visa though but you can't overstay it and you can't work. I hope this helps. Just a caveat, there was someone in an immigrant visa group that I'm a part of that was visiting her husband on her B2 visa while she was waiting for her immigrant visa interview. CO asked how often she had gone to see her husband and she answered. Her immigrant visa was approved. Luckily, you already have the visa and aren't trying to get one. It will take many months to get that K3 approved. At least you will be able to see your wife while you wait.
  4. Denied and refused are not the same thing but please be honest. They already know.
  5. I know that IR1/CR1 got ILs on Wednesday and Thursday of this past week. Several people received them that were DQ'd October and November 2020.
  6. You can get an attorney and have them paint the picture a little better than you can. I know an attorney who is well versed in this sort of thing.
  7. I agree with this. I got married in December 2018 and filed 2 months later and of course initially it was for the CR1. However, currently on the CEAC site, it says IR1. They adjusted it. Sounds like yours was never adjusted and they did make a mistake. If I were you, I would follow what Lucky is saying. It makes the most sense. Who wants to deal with immigration before they have to.
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