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  1. Hi, My status on my Greencard is abandonment. Apparently this then goes to a Immigration judge for a hearing. I have not heard from USCIS about this hearing. Would the hearing be at a court local to where I lived in the US, or could it be in any city or state in the country. how can I find this information out? Thanks
  2. Hello, I have a very complex US Immigration case, and I am looking for a highly qualified attorney to help me. Any state and city in the US, please comment on this post if you know of one that could help me. Thanks
  3. Thanks for all you information, very much appreciated. I’m thinking I will have a removal order against me, so this will even effect me having a tourist visa for holiday and applying for B2?
  4. Yes definitely A number and not receipt number in. If I call USCIS tomorrow, they will just give me the same information as the case tracker does on their website right?
  5. To find out about the Final order removal, I need to contact the local immigration court to where I was living in the US. Thanks once I know my status I will see about B2. ESTA is the holiday visa that would be denied? I put my A number in on that link and it says No case found for this alien number.
  6. Thanks for the information. I have submitted a FOIA with the USCIS, and just waiting for that to come through. If I did have a removal against me would it be on that FOIA or is that separate with the courts?
  7. Thanks for all your information and help. Appreciated. Will all the terms of conditional GC status etc effect me on a tourist visa with my UK passport even for a holiday?
  8. It does say on USCIS website: USCIS may consider any relevant evidence of abandonment to assess whether the applicant is eligible for naturalization. So maybe a chance to recover my status?
  9. It doesnt update me on my status on the USCIS tracker, it just says that my case was transferred to a new office who has jurisdiction now with no other information. I dont even know who to contact. Is there anything I can do once my status is abandoned?
  10. When I put the case number into that tracker it just says that my case was transferred to a new office who has jurisdiction now. It doesnt give me any status update.
  11. Is there a way of checking if it is abandoned? Any hope of retrieving my Green card back?
  12. How can I find this out for sure, because the USCIS arent replying to my letters and emails?
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