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  1. Hi there - Not sure if you still check Visa Journey - but I have to ask, what did you end up doing?  Your situation is surprisingly similar to mine.


    Would love some advice if you have any to offer



  2. It might be because I am already working, but I did open up communication before I started, but they never responded. I put in another request to Montreal and they referred me to Toronto. Toronto says no. I'm thinking they think I already live in the US which I do not. The delay in their response is a real killer. It seems impossible. Essentially it seems like I now need to be apart from my family 5 days a week in order to keep working this job. I have no ability to work remote. Financially I am not able to support living on both sides of the border. I guess I can apply for an expedited filing due to financial loss, but I doubt I qualify.
  3. Montreal informed me to contact Toronto, Toronto told me no.
  4. I still live in Ontario. I commute and spend 5 days a week in the US at my parents. My residence is still Ontario. Another question that is popping up now, is where does the beneficiary intend to live in the US. I am unable to provide that answer as I won't be acquiring a place until the immigration process has completed.
  5. I am hoping I can get some further information on the immigration process to bring my wife to the United States. I married my wife 10 years ago in the United States. She is a Canadian citizen, and shortly after marriage, I immigrated to Canada as a permanent resident. I have now received a job offer in the United States and would like to return. All of my own research shows that my wife will have to remain in Canada until the green card process is complete. This is problematic as we have a 6 year old daughter and another on the way due in May. I had heard about direct consulate filing and reached out to my local consulate in Toronto, but they refused my request and stated I would need to file my application from within the US. I am currently splitting my time between the US and Canada. I spend 5 days a week in the US while working and spend the weekends in Canada. This is working for now, but will be extremely difficult once our next child is born. Is there no way to bring a Canadian to the US and do an adjustment of status after the fact? It is my understanding it will be very difficult to cross the border (impossible) with this intent in mind. I really thought I would be eligible for direct consulate filing as my residence is still officially in Canada and I had a qualifying reason of a new job in the United States. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I had not heard about this before. It looks like it may be, but I am getting conflicting answers. Decision can only be made via a Mexico location? I am not sure. I am contacting the Toronto Consulate now to see if this is possible. This would help quite a bit.
  7. I'm not sure if this is the right location to ask this question, but I will try to give as much info as possible for a good answer. I am a US citizen and lived in the the US until April 2012. I married my wife in February 2012 while she was visiting from Canada. While I was visiting her in Canada in April, I decided to stay in Canada and completed the necessary immigration steps to become a permanent resident of Canada. I have lived in Canada ever since. I have completed post secondary school and started a career in Canada. Wanting to escape the high cost of living, I wanted to move back to America. I secured employment and will be moving back by myself at the end of July. I will be staying with my parents while I work the rest of the situation out. I have some questions about the immigration process for my wife. My child was born in Canada, but her birth was reported to the US consulate and I have a US passport for her. Will my wife be required to wait in Canada while the I 130 and subsequent forms are processed? Is there any legitimate way to have her move with my daughter while the forms are processing? I won't be able to stay with my parents forever, and supporting 2 household rent payments will be burdensome. Does anyone have any experience in this matter? Let me know if any further info would help clarify anything. Thanks
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