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  1. Hi All! I finally recieved my GC (2 year/CR1) in the post and have it in my possession. I was curious about the little envelope that comes with it and talks about wireless interference - does this also mean that storing the card in your phone case/wallet/purse with magnetic closures, and/or directly in with other cards (thinking of those with magnetic strips/the chips) can 'wreck' the card? I need to use the GC as my main ID as I don't have a driver's licence yet. I've also seen it's basically federal law to carry it with you at all times. Can anyone offer advice about how to keep it safe but keep it with you? Thanks!
  2. Do you know how they can do that? The online option via USCIS goes straight to the AR-11 which is for alien residents. Also, will he/we get penalised if he attempts it now, well after the 10 day limit? The threats of fines/imprisonment/deportation for me are very scary even if just threatening language at best. Thank you for the other info! That's helpful to know that we shouldn't worry about it.
  3. I think I may have used our receipt number from our original I-130 application because I didn't think about our GC payment receipt number - guess that's where we went wrong! I did however include my A number so it should still all connect back to me, right? Thankfully our old address is my husband's parent's address so we haven't 'lost' the post that arrived, we just need to go and collect it; we're assuming it's my GC as the timing is right and the sending address is a USCIS office.
  4. Thanks for this, I tried using the live agent trick but it didn't work. I might try the infopass trick tomorrow!
  5. Hi all! *Please move if posted to the wrong place* For context: I'm currently in the US on a CR1 visa since Oct last year. I am from the UK and it's my husband who is the US citizen. I'm still awaiting the arrival of my greencard. Two months ago myself and my husband moved into our own apartment from his family's home. I changed my address online with USCIS accordingly and recieved an email confirmation of my AR-11 form request. About a week ago, a letter arrived from a USCIS office to our old address; we're assuming it's my green card but we haven't been able to pop back to collect this post yet. I have two questions: Did my husband as a USC need to update his address separately online in order for the online form to have 'worked'? And how much of a problem is this going to be when it comes to applying to have the conditions removed next year, if USCIS still hasn't registered my address change? I've tried to contact USCIS but their telephone bot is useless, as it just keeps sending me to the link to the online page where I can change my address. Of course, if I was to re-do it, now it's well beyond the required 10 day limit to update my address I'm worried we'll get into trouble. If anyone has any advice, please help!
  6. @Fobosdaemios, sorry to resurrect this thread but did you sort this out in the end? Going through the exact same thing rn and I'd love to know how you sorted it out, or even if you did have to get temporary insurance, where you were able to get it from?! Thanks!
  7. I had a German police certificate because I studied there for two years recently. Didn't need to get it certified although I had the physical hardcopy in time. Just be aware you might need it translated if it isn't in English, but we only had the translation in digital format and a print out was fine, also didn't need that certified
  8. Hi all, CR1 visa holder in UK here. Travelling in a couple of weeks to enter the US on my visa and due to fly into Boston. A couple of questions: As the coronavirus blanket ban is still in place until November, do I need to take proof of my exemption alongside my visa (marriage cert and copy of husband's passport), or is my visa enough on its own? Also, in proving covid vaccination, is the little NHS card with the dosage stickers on its own sufficient, or do I need to take my full vaccination record and/or the signed medical vaccination record they gave me at the medical? Is it wise to take any other documents from the application process (DS260 confirmation page, for example?) to ease customs and border protection or is it literally just my passport with the visa in? Curious to hear how other new arrivals did it! Thanks all
  9. Hi all, It's a couple of weeks before I'm due to travel to the US (CR1 visa holder from UK here) and I've begun applying to jobs in anticipation of my move. My husband's workplace is recruiting for A LOT of positions right now (we have the same academic/working background) so it seems like a no brainer to start applying. His managers are aware of me and are interested in having me on board, I just need to actually go through the application process. With this in mind, it would obviously be amazing if I could get a job within the month. I know that the SSN can take 2 weeks - 3 months+ to arrive. I've done some reading around there are info pages from the social security association themselves that says you CAN start work without having your SSN as long as your immigration document allows you to work, and that it's possible for employers to get a letter from the SSA to prove I've applied for a number and am legitimate in their communication with the IRS. - has anyone else gone through this? Do you have any advice? - Is it possible to get such a letter from the SSA even though for spouses you apply for the SSN as part of your application, and not from the SSA directly? I just want to have the details upfront so that if it all goes well I can give the employer all the info they need! Looking forward to hearing from people, as always!
  10. And are we right in thinking that me being a new PR/immigrant is a qualifying event? It seems that marriage is the most obvious one but we married almost two years ago now, so being a new immigrant is the only thing we have 😅
  11. Thank you all so much, this is so helpful! He's not enrolled yet on his company's insurance as he's just signed a next contract with work that gives him more hours and these benefits, so he still needs to enrol. I'll tell him to do so this week and then contact his HR. Assuming you all mean his work HR and not the health company?
  12. Also, guessing we can only do this once I've arrived in the country, right? So I'll still need some coverage before I can get this sorted after I land in the US. What did others here do for that time?
  13. Hmm ok. It's just the forms for enrollment require an SSN. I couldn't find anything on their website about new immigrants unfortunately. Is this definitely a thing across all companies?
  14. Do you know what they need instead? And how do I find out about this, if its different for different companies?
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