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  1. Thanks a lot for the link. I have just finished reading it. I think it said 3-days-old PCR negative test s needed. Following is the quote: " Before you arrive in the United States: All air passengers coming to the United States, including U.S. citizens and fully vaccinated people, are required to have a negative COVID-19 test result no more than 3 days before travel or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 in the past 3 months before they board a flight to the United States. "
  2. Hello, are the upcoming students on F1 need to be fully vaccinated before allowing to enter the country? I have checked with school and the school official said that inside the university, there is vaccination service provided to all student. But the school is not sure about the border policy. And vaccination is not a requirement, is a negative PCR test a requirement? I have been looking at different government website and don't find a definitive answer yet. Does anyone know and can shed some light on it? Thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks a lot for sharing the story. It is very sad story for her. And it is indeed very brutal when the officer can just have that much power to simply ignore her passport stamp. Did she have boarding pass or other type of evidence? And it seems to be a dead end for her? The officer doesn't believe her passport stamp and there is no record of her leaving. So it seems to be an dead end?
  4. Thanks for the reply, SusieQQQ. I know that I am being a little too anxious. Because the university study is very important to me, I am just trying to do my best to fix my I-94 & travel history mistakes to prevent any potential risk of not being able to enter the country. If I am indeed not being able to enter the country to study, it will really be devastating for my post graduate education. So these several days, I can't fall asleep and just keep thinking about it.
  5. Thank you, arken. I do know that I am being a little anxious. It is because the study is very important to me. If I am not able to enter the country and attend university, it will be devastating for me. I have called CBP on the phone number 877-227-5511 and I was given an email address to write to in order to fix I-94 & travel history. But they don't reply to the email and therefore I don't know if they have fixed it or not. I will definitely bring my previous boarding pass and flight ticket and credit card statement (showing that I have left the country and use the credit card somewhere else) when I fly in. It is just that I feel like I am currently in the blind not knowing whether my I-94 has been fixed or not, and it really makes me anxious.
  6. Thank you for your information, Chancy. I have called the number 877-227-5511 from the website https://www.cbp.gov/contact last Friday. And the agent over the phone gave me an email address and had told me to send an email to correct the I-94 and travel history (email should include picture boarding pass, flight ticket, etc.). I have sent the email over immediately last Friday. The agent over the phone have also told me that they will not respond to email. So I will not know whether my I-94 and travel history record has been corrected untilI fly in. I will call the phone number 202-325-5120 that you posted first thing in the morning tomorrow. I have checked the link http://www.dhs.gov/trip that you post. Because this link is used to file a complaint, do you mean that I should file a complaint beside calling them? Is there another formal way of contact them beside this? Thanks a lot.
  7. Hello, I visited US about 2 years ago on a B2 visa and have left after visiting for 4 months. I have not visited since. I recently changed citizenship to canada and I will be going to US on a F1 student visa for study. As my current understanding, naturalized canada citizen don't need to go to embassy to apply for F1 visa. I wonder how do I notify CBP and USCIS that I have changed my citizenship (my I-20 shows that my citizenship is canada; but it doesn't indicate that I used to have another country's citizenship)? I just want to make sure that there is no trouble when I use canada passport to enter the country when flying in. I think my case is a bit more complicated than those are born in canada because I am naturalized citizen and used to have a B2 visa. Can anyone shed some light on it? It will really help me a lot. I have been researching on it many days and don't get a definitive answer. Thanks so much.
  8. Yes, thank you so much. I will definitely find the boarding pass, air ticket and bring it with me when flying in. So there is nothing that I should do now except for bringing the boarding pass, air ticket, right? Thank you so much.
  9. I entered and left the US both by airplane when in B2 visa. I am not sure why the I-94 website is not showing my departure date. Is it normal that it is not showing the departure date? I am really new to the I-94 system and don't know what to expect to show up in the I-94 system. I wonder what should I do now? Maybe contact CBP to fix it? Thank you so much.
  10. Thank you so much, arken. I am about to pay the sevis payment in these 2 days. Because I only get my electronic I-20 pdf from university last week, I have not paid my sevis payment yet. My university told me that the sevis payment can be paid about 14 days before entry. So as soon as I pay for the sevis payment and update my citizenship status there, USCIS and CBP will know my update when I enter, right? Thank you so much.
  11. Yes, definitely. It is not guaranteed to be able to enter the US to study (even with all the right documents, passport, etc.). Because I am a naturalized canada citizen who used to have a B2 visa, it is even more confusing for the CBP officer. I am just concerned that if I run into an officer who is in a bad mood at the border , he will just simply reject me after seeing my I-94 citizenship status doesn't match my canada citizenship. Therefore, I just want to contact CBP and USCIS and let them know in advance that I have changed citizenship to canada. In this case, even if I run into an officer who is in a bad mood at the border, I will not be rejected. Is there a way to update my I-94 to change my citizenship status? Thank you so much.
  12. Thank you so much for the information, SusieQQQ. I definitely didn't overstay when I was in the B2 visa 2 years ago. I definitely have left within the required time period. Because I am really new to the US I-94 system. When I check my I-94 online, it shows my B2 visit entry date , but it didn't actually show my departure date. Is it normal that my I-94 is missing my departure date and should I be concerned about it? If there is a mistake about my departure date on I-94, is it possible to fix it? Thank you so much.
  13. Hello arken, thank you so much for your reply. Because I am a naturalized canada citizen and I used to have a B2 visa (I travelled to US using the B2 visa 2 years ago; my birth country needs a B2 visa in order to enter US), is my situation a little more complicated than regular canada citizen? I wonder should I contact the CBP over the phone or send them some official document over to prove that I have changed to canada citizen? I am just just concerned that I will be rejected to enter the country because my I-94 is still showing my birth country citizenship status. Thank you so much.
  14. Hello I used to have a B2 visa visa and I travelled to US on a B2 visa 2 years ago. Last year I change my citizenship to Canada and I have been admitted to school and will be going to USA on F1 status in September, how do I notify CBP or USCIS? It seems that Canada citizen does not need to go to embassy and apply for F1 visa (can just fly in and apply for F1 status at the border). But because I am naturalized canada citizen and I used to have B2 visa on my birth country passport, do I need to go to embassy and apply for F1 visa just to be safe? I have been researching online for some time and I get some conflicting answers. I really don't know what to do and how to notify CBP or USCIS that I have changed citizenship status. If anyone can shed some light on it, it will really help a lot. Thanks a lot
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