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  1. Best not to speak in absolutes. My child is an American. If my child is in the US, I would say that is urgent.
  2. Thanks for the reply Mike, Another situation: My son is 3months old. He has his passport and can fly with me to USA. My fiancee, his mother cannot. It is out of the question to take a 3month old away from his mother while breastfeeding. What do you think about an expedite request on the basis of my son requiring his mother to breastfeed. Would that be considered urgent?
  3. The K1 visa process is taking longer than we thought. A year to process form i129f it looks like. Is there any risk in applying for a B VISA while waiting for the K1? If my fiancee gets denied for the B-1 visa will that affect the K1 visa??
  4. Also, maybe someone has advice for me, Albania has started processing tourist visas. I was thinking to have my fiancee apply and visit on a tourist visa while we wait for K1, she would obviously return to Albania to complete the K1 interview. Cost is not an issue. How does that sound ?
  5. Really you are saying there's nothing we can do, and thats the funny part I am tired of catching flights this often, thought I could have my fiancee in the US for Christmas. Now we have a new born baby with a fresh US passport before she is even approved. K1 is faster hahahhaha I've accepted staying in Albania for the summer, beaches are beautiful so it's not too bad. I would recommend the lot of you meet as often as possible, can't imagine not seeing each other for over a year. Albania isn't a bad meeting place either...
  6. Hi slavaski, My brother is flying to Holland on tuesday and was unsure if he would still be able to. According to the dutch government, you are able to enter as american with only a vaccine card. I would take a test for good measure too
  7. Now we are 3,288 waiting of 3,753 (subtracting the automatic denials from lack of signature on i129f in April 2021) There are 332 approvals and 133 RFE = 465. 465 / 3753 = 12.4% of cases looked at. This percentage is about half of December. Maximum I see another 12% being looked at before January. (~25% a month). By end of March should be near 100% for March group. 10-12 months looks about right. The new hope: Hope I don't wait till March. The new perspective: We are all first in line. That is something to be grateful for!
  8. have you submitted 2 inquiries with USCIS, and then reached out to the ombudsman and/or your congressman?
  9. By March 1st I knew I was going to file for K1 visa and was mostly complete with my packet, but ended up submitting march 19th, So jealous of all the first week of march people, it's really moving along Congratulations!!
  10. Congratulations! I am a March filer. I was hoping you can clarify some things for other people that will potentially have to wait as long as you. What were the steps you took chronologically after your first inquiry? It would help others navigate how and when to contact ombudsman and their senators. Again congrats wish you happiness and thanks!
  11. I also hope for a Christmas miracle. However, It is more likely that less than 5% are going to receive an update on their case. With only 13 business days left in the year they won't make a dent in the +3000 March cases left (only about 100 approved March cases so far) January will be our month.
  12. I have also just received that generic reply, saying they can't give a time frame for adjudication. So what happens now? are all options exhausted and it's time to just wait? Or can we file another inquiry request after X days, or go to the ombudsman...I am wondering because the USCIS seems broken. I used to think "probably around December we can prepare for the embassy interview." Then "probably January" Then "probably February."
  13. kto dojn vetem me te prish pune, komunism burokracia ne gjith boten
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