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  1. You should talk to @mattelo she did the K1 Visa process and was just approved for her 10 year green card .
  2. Thank you so much , yes, I am past the hep A&B and meningitis age and under the age of 65. I'm relieved to hear I won't need those , I have a terrible needle phobia .
  3. I have had my childhood vaccines, but the ones like hepatitis A and B ; pneumonia and meningitis I have not had that
  4. I contacted a immigration Dr today from the list USCIS provided and was told they require these vaccines in the list attached ? Do we actually do have to get ALL vaccines ??
  5. Thank you , what was the cost if you don't mind me asking ? Thank you kindly
  6. Can you possibly give me a run of how the exam ? What do they do exactly. I am really nervous about medical exams, I have been that way since I was a child .
  7. Do they do the chest x-ray or do I need to get that done separately ?
  8. Thank you , would a chest x-ray be required? Or that only necassary if the surgeon suspects a lung illness?
  9. Hi all, can someone explain to me what happens during the medical exam or how it works please? Thanks in advance
  10. That's great news , I have been doing some research and reached out to a woman in the UK who's husband is on death row in North Carolina , she also received her 10 year green card and her attorney told her they cannot discriminate because you have a husband on death row or in prison as long as you can prove a valid marriage and back it up with years of evidence you should be fine. Your case is also proof and can now be used as an example should a problem about eligibility because of a spouse in prison comes up. I'm very happy for you and thank you for sharing your story for all those like us who have husbands in prison .
  11. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU !!!!! this gives me so much hope and confidence mine will be approved too. Congratulations to you!!!
  12. Omg!! This is great news!!!! gives me a lot of hope for my case
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