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  1. I am assembling my i-751 package and I was reading a lot of articles and resources. I know it is not specifically required, but it still not clear if people/lawyers usually send any of the following documents with i-751 to avoid RFE or not: 1) Current Marriage certificate? 2) I (Conditional Resident) was married in the USA before and divorced. Currently, I am married for the second time (to another person). Do people usually include a divorce decree from a previous marriage of the Conditional Resident with i-751? 3) How important is the backside of the driver's license. Is it a common practice to include the backside of the driver's license (with barcode to scan) as well or only the front with the picture and address is enough? 4) Copies of the passports? 5) Is it ok to leave some fields in the form i-751 empty or I must to put "N/A" or "NONE" in every single empty field? I don't want to make a package too big with the evidence USCIS doesn't need and at the same time, I don't want to get RFE asking for such evidence. Does anybody received or knows anyone receiving RFE for not attaching any of the documents listed above (such as copies of passports, marriage certificate or divorce decree for previous marriage)? Thank you.
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