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  1. Thank you! My income is below $107,600 (working part time during University studies). I will only be working in Sweden until end of December I believe, but will most likely receive a pay check into 2022 for work performed in 2021 (Swedish employers are usually one month "behind" on each salary, so for the September paycheck, you generally get paid for the work you did in August etc). I will most likely only be in the states for about 14 days when I activate my IV. Thank you for the detailed information, it was of great help. Good to know. I have seen that document as well and will make sure to file it with SKV when I leave for the actual move. It's too bad about the health care benefits. Paying for visits that was free before will indeed sting. Btw if I may ask - did you use a tax professional for your first tax return? If so, was it someone with expertise in Swedish taxes or did you just look for someone with expertise in foreign earned income? I've also seen there's plenty of tax preparing softwares out there. Any advise on one that has worked well? Turbo tax seems to be popular in other forums.
  2. 4-5 months instead of the usual three which is the maximum for ESTA, if that is possible and allowed (my understanding is a B2 visa is good to look at for longer stays?) @Boiler that's cool! Do you know if buying a property somehow make it more difficult to get any other visas such as the visitors? Or does property owners for vacation purposes usually have a B visa?
  3. Thank you for the advise. It's actually a DV Visa and I'm going as a single. I've read about Dual-resident taxpayer, but was not aware that you can apply for exclusion (does it mean you can be excluded from US taxes?). I'll look into it a bit more. Appreciate the response.
  4. Hi all! I am curious for some first hand experiences or knowledge of what some options can be for how parents of a Greencard holder can regularly visit the states. I live in a country that qualifies for ESTA, but I would like my mom to be able to stay for longer at times. From what I've read, a B2 visa is the way to go in those cases. However I am also curious if someone here who have had a greencard and been very close with their family, how they facilitated regular longer visits back and forth. I.e., did your parents get a B2 and came to visit for a few months each year, and then you came back to the home country for a few months? If so, for how long could they visit and how did it go with CBP etc? Also, are parents allowed to buy a house or something in the US and have as a vacation spot each year for a few months, or is this against any rules? Generally just curious how a GC holder can have their family visit, if you guys are willing to share how you did when you first became an LPR. I'm a little new to the "after life" after having been granted GC (been such a long process just to get it) so just want to know what is common and OK if you are really close to your family and would like to be able to spend time together
  5. Hi all. First of all - what an amazing forum and community this seems to be, I recently found this forum a few weeks ago! I also have a question of course, and hope someone has some insight) I have an immigrant visa and intend to activate it in the next or month or so. I would then plan the actual move about 5 months later, and during this time I will continue to work in my home country. I understand the income earned after activating LPR status means it also needs to be taxed. Does anyone know more specifically how to go about doing this? I understand a tax professional is the way to go - so if anyone also has any tips for this, that would be highly appreciated. But I am residing in Sweden, and believe the US and Sweden has a tax treaty. Would be interesting to know if this is common (i.e. to go home after activation and work for a little more and then move back) and if someone has some general knowledge of how to go about it tax-wise later.
  6. Follow up to the above - does anyone know if you use an online service to translate documents if will they need a hard-copy with wet ink signature or is a digital copy ok?
  7. Hi, Does anyone know if any civil Swedish documents are required to be translated to English for the embassy? States so in the instructions but just curious if they actually request it.
  8. Thank you for earlier replies. Does anyone know how long the medical exam visit in Gothenburg takes? i.e. if you need to plan to visit the clinic for a couple of days to complete the process or if it's usually enough with one day. I am traveling from Stockholm so just trying to figure out how to book hotel tickets.
  9. Thank you, that made me feel more calm. Has anyone here done a medical exam in Stockholm or Gothenburg? I'm wondering how it was, if someone has an experience to share. I read somewhere that you usually take off your clothes for the doctor? Feels a little embarrasing (perhaps just me). Sorry, i'm very new to this. Just want to know how it is in general so I can feel more prepared.
  10. Hello. I am waiting for an interview appointment to be scheduled at Stockholms embassy. I'm wondering - does anyone know if an ongoing ADHD "investigation" could be a negative factor or somehow be negative for the medical exam or the visa in general? I.e., not having any diagnosis, but being under formal investigation to find out about it. What could you expect to happen in that scenario? Edit: is ADHD cause for denial, does anyone know? Seems it is considered a "mental illness" on some pages but whilst it really is a disability.
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