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  1. Hi, I'm a US citizen who married abroad and also lived abroad in my husbands country (Costa Rica) for 25 yrs. I did all the paperwork from Costa Rica without having a job, property or even a bank account in the US since all of our assets are in Costa Rica. My brother and my sister in law served as joint sponsors, we submitted photos, affidavits, the US address we added was my brothers and it took 2 years for the whole process to be completed. It would have been less time but we went on hold for about 8 months because we still weren't 100% convinced on moving to the US. Anyway, the process is tedious but pretty simple and as long as you follow the guidelines step by step it'll be a slam dunk. You start with the I-130 and go from there. No need to leave the UK and once your wife gets the temporary visa stamp on her green card, she can work as soon as she enters the US with you.
  2. I'm thinking that since they can both work remotely, perhaps Costa Rica would be a good option? Look into it. I know they have extended benefits to digital nomads and I also know that many US citizens arrive with their foreign spouses to marry there.
  3. Hi, my husband was granted an IR-1 visa in Costa Rica. I lived there for a couple of decades with him and we sold all of our belongings and just came with a few suitcases two months after his visa was granted at the US Embassy. Not once did the agent at the POE ask the questions you wife was asked, like proof he had quit his job, properties we left behind, etc. We also have an adult daughter who stayed in Costa Rica and the agent didn't ask about her either. Very strange actions about this agent. I hope it is resolved soon for you.
  4. I went in and this message came up "On October 29, 2021, we received your USCIS Immigrant fee payment for your Permanent Resident Card related to your immigrant visa. We will be processing the request for production of your Permanent Resident Card. You should receive your Permanent Resident Card within 90 days of your entry into the United States or within 90 days after your USCIS Immigrant Fee payment is received. If you do not receive your Permanent Resident Card, contact the USCIS Contact Center at www.uscis.gov/contactcenter. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address"........ So I guess the only thing left is to wait the total 90 days and then contact them. Thanks for the link!
  5. We haven't looked into CEAC since husband had his Immigrant Visa approved by the US Embassy back in September. We submitted the paperwork we had to the immigration officer when we enterd the US in November, he said all was good, told us he should be getting his SS card in the mail in a week or up to three weeks later but the GC will take longer to arrive. We've been married for over two decades so he will be getting a 10 yr GC. If there is a way of finding out the status of the GC, then what page do I have to get into to find out? CEAC only says case file is closed after all documents were sent to the US Embassy.
  6. Hello all, we are already settled in the US, my husband is working and he already has his SS. What we would like to know is how long is it usually taking for the physical Green Card to arrive in the mail. He always his Passport with him to show the Temporary GC stamp if needed but it would be nice and much more practical to just have his card. We arrived Nov. 23rd. of last year, SS card was received a week later. I know they say to expect the receive the GC "no later than 120 days after entering, but has anyone received it no later than 90 days? Thanks in advance for the info
  7. I did that 2 days after he was approved and printed out 2 copies as well.
  8. No I did not. I've been living in my husbands country for almost 30 yrs so all bank accounts, license properties, etc. are where I (we) have been living all these years. Like I mentioned, each case is different. This is why (and I am forever grateful), that I asked the question on the Forum because I thought it wouldn't be a problem but we will definitely enter the US together. My only concern is him getting a SS number as soon as possible since he has already signed up for a job.
  9. I have property in my name in my husbands country and I used the value of the property to be able to sponsor him. Just to be on the safe side, I added family members in the US as co sponsors. Other than that, I didn't add any more proof. I don't know if they look at the overall profile of the beneficiary to make a final decision like his level of education that proves he will definitely not be using any federal financial help but I think in our case it mostly had to do with the amount of years we have been together to discard fraudulent marriage. Each case is so unique.
  10. My husband says they never asked during his interview. The consular only asked 2 very basic questions, how many years married (24yrs) and if I was a US citizen. After that he told him he was approved. I think it was very clear through all the paperwork that I am a housewife who occasionally works and he is the main provider so it was obvious to them that I would be returning to the US with him.
  11. Thank you, I already spoke to my husband and explained how it has to be done so we'll wait until the end of the month when we can both travel to the US without the need to return to Costa Rica. Everything has gone so smoothly since the beginning of the procedure we certainly don't want to screw it up in the end.
  12. Thanks for your input. Right now we aren't so stressed about the physical Green Card. All we are interested in is for my husband to get his SSN as quickly as possible for things like a salary, opening bank accounts, acquiring a US credit card among other things. This was solely the only reason why he was intent on flying to the US this weekend and returning the following day (activate the process).
  13. Thank you for your information! It's strange that the Officers would tell you not to travel until you received your physical card considering the temporary Green Card serves the exact same legal purpose as a physical Green Card. What if you have to travel at least twice a month abroad for work purposes? I have read on numerous legal pages that you can leave the US with the temporary Green Card stamp as long as the absense is not too extended (over 3 months or more). I have also read that there seems many officials both from Immigration and Social Security don't quite understand the rules of how things are supposed to work. We have done all the paperwork without an immigration lawyer but I think having one now would be a good idea so he/she can set things straight. Another question: Did you have to show them proof that your spouse was living in the US when they asked you?
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