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  1. Hi there, unfortunately they are not picking up. If anything they have literally come to a halt in the last couple of weeks. In this link is the timeframe https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/nvc-timeframes.html Two weeks ago they were reviewing petitions recieved before June 6. Today they are reviewing petitions recieved before June 9th. Just last month they were reviewing a full week of petitions every 7 days. I thought they had fixed the glitch but now they are as slow as molasses. In my case we had to re submit some paperwork from our co sponsor so we had to go to the back of the line and that's exactly when they slowed down.
  2. Hi all, After a 3 month wait CEAC requested a couple more documents and were sent July 7th. I've noticed on the NVC timeframe that their Current Case Review Time has slowed down considerably over the last few weeks but it doesn't specify if this is for first time review or second time or more after they request more documents. Does anyone know if we are all sent to the back of the line to start from scratch if they request more documents or if we are place in some other category? In my case they needed 2 more documents from the long list of what was sent and already accepted. Thanks in advance for any information you can give me!
  3. That was quick! Congratulations! I've been living with my Costa Rican husband in his country for over 25 yrs and we decided a couple of years ago that we would like to explore possibilities back home in the US. The NVC requested more documents on behalf of the Co sponser (I'm a housewife and my husband is the sole provider), so now we are back to waiting until they finish accepting the new documents. It's great news to know that the interviews are almost immediate because I have been wondering about that considering the high Covid numbers here and the fact that the Embassy in general has been taking their time renewing passports, tourist visas and what not.
  4. Hello, NVC answered back a couple of days ago and they requested more documents so I guess it will be another waiting game. I wonder how they arrange the pending petitions that were reviewed but still need a couple of more documents....just exactly how much longer is the wait? Is it like starting all over again (same timeline as the first time submission)?
  5. I sent them an online inquiry. Seems all people get are an automated answering system when they call. I'll just continue to be patient since there is nothing else to do. I know we will have to wait for a very long time for the interview at the Embassy since here in Costa Rica the consulate has been barely working since the pandemic began and now the country is going through its hardest hit pandemic wave.
  6. CEAC status is the same. I just want to be sure that we are not stuck in limbo because we never recieved a confirmation from the NVC that all documents were submitted by them. I had read somewhere that they usually send a notification on the CEAC message box.
  7. On May 11th I submitted all documents requested by the NVC. I am a petitioner living abroad and my husband is the beneficiary. As per the NVC timeline, they are reviewing all petitions submitted after May 17th. To this day that status of all the documents sent still reads "submitted". Nothing has been reviewed nor accepted. Furthermore, I never recieved a confirmation of receipt from the NVC nor do I know if they even send something like that. I feel like were were left in limbo considering most people get an updated status, even if its a document that was not accepted. We have absolutely nothing and we have check dozens of times and everything they requested from us has been sent and submitted. Can anyone give me guidance as to what to do next? Thanks in advance!
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