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  1. You'd have to notify them that you're changing countries for the interview, and I believe the Philippines has many K1 visa applicants. If at all possible, try to get it done in the UAE while she lives there. Not your question, but I'd recommend you get your UAE police report while still in the country. You can request it online using the Dubai Police website while still a resident, but once your visa is cancelled you will have to provide fingerprints at the UAE embassy in your home country and wait up to several weeks to get your cert.
  2. Yeah, we were happily shocked! The visa area seems very quiet, it was mostly US citizens the day I was in there. I hope it goes well for you.
  3. Thanks for all the advice, everyone! We've secured a job offer for myself, listed some assets (stocks etc) that were previously not mentioned and I was gifted money by friends and family to top up our savings. My fiance had exceeded 100% of the federal poverty line, but not 125%, and it seems that the Dublin embassy needs to see 125%+. We're going to resubmit our documents shortly, wish us luck!
  4. Her current income is ~$2k a month, but she took time off from February to April to stay with my while I was having medical issues.
  5. Thanks NandV, really appreciate it. Do you know if my savings are considered, or is purely what my American fiance has in her bank account?
  6. I applied through Dublin for my K1 visa. I had my medical on the 20th of May, and received my medical report on the 2nd of June. I filed the notification of readiness on the same day, and was e-mailed the next day with an interview scheduled for the 10th. My advice would be not to take the risk, and wait until you have everything, I imagine it would look pretty bad if you told them you had your medical report and then tried to change your interview date. Best of luck!
  7. Hi everyone. Due to CoVid 19 my fiance only made ~$18k in 2020, and our visa petition has been "refused pending a review of the following documentation". We have been advised to provide examples of additional savings and a job offer, but were not given a dollar amount for what would be considered sufficient savings. Does anyone have experience with this? Our families are willing to gift us the required amount, but we do not have another US citizen willing to be a co-sponsor.
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