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  1. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/nvc-timeframes.html
  2. Call them to find out. When did you submit the documents? I submitted that of my mom June 18 but as of current they are on June 2. I hope and pray they review my case fast . Good luck!
  3. Don't worry,she will be issued a visa. Each time they request a different medical, it because they don't want the one that was submitted to expire before she enters US. That happened to my husband and I. Good luck! Still waiting to hear from NVC after submitting documents for my mom's visa
  4. I am creating this for people that have submitted requested documents for their parents visa to NVC and waiting review. I submitted documents on June 18th , 2021, but still have not heard from NVC. Case status still indicate " documents requested". I hope and pray I hear from NVC very soon.
  5. Hi everyone, thank you for this opportunity to bring our experiences and thoughts together for the success of the visa journey of our parents. I submitted supporting documents on June 18 and sill waiting to hear the feedback after review. It was surprising for me to hear that a parent visa could be temporary denied because if the lack of an original document. Does it mean the petitional has to send her birth certificate, citizen and petition marriage certificate to the forieng country?
  6. Hi everyone, I am frustrated too. How or where do you check date of current documents reviewing, please? Thank you
  7. Considering the reason for your denial, it was due to lack enough evidence to prove the relation which could have been prevented through a DNA. I filed for my mom and was ask if I will like to do voluntary DNA and I accepted specially because my mom date of birth contradict. This will also minimize the chances of her being refused of a visa. In most case, when they ask of Voluntary DNA, it because they have seen something not adding up. Before now, I file for my kids without a lawyer and they were granted visa without requesting for voluntary DNA because all the evidence were cleared. I do not trust lawyers because some of them just take your money but do nothing to really check your document to avoid contradiction. I did my citizenship by myself as well. my advice is that do not appeal because there is the rick of being denied again. It is better to apply again and to do DNA.
  8. How long did they waited to be scheduled for interview after submission of supporting documents? What processing center do they have, please? my mon DQ February 2020. Just submitted supporting document and hope the schedule her for interview before the this month ends. Her Processing center is California
  9. Supporting Documents for Family Base ( IR5- visa Hello everyone, please I need advice. I am a US citizen and has filed form k- 130 for my mom. 1. My mom ID card indicate her occupation as a housewife. 2. The certificate of non conviction/ police clearance made for her indicate married. 3. Her ID card indicate housewife as occupation. 4. My dad is death with a death certificate. Q. Do we need to change the married on the certificate of non conviction/ police clearance to widow? Thank you
  10. Hi Anjum123, I am glad to inform you that my issue has been resolved today. Thank you so much!
  11. Thank you very much @ Anjum123. did sent them the Inquiring form. I called them again and asked to be added in the list but the agent insisted that its a general problem which they are working on resolving it.
  12. Thank you. Was the number you called +16033340700? Each time I call that number they just say its a website problem and don't know when it will be resolved. I will ask them to add me to the list this time.
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