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  1. Congrats 

    What time was your interview , how long did you wait , do you know which civic test ? as far as I know that there is a new one now ?

  2. Hi 

    If you dont mind me asking , have you received your interview ?

  3. did you receive an email saying they took action on your case ?

  4. Hi , just checking if you have received your interview yet 

  5. HI , For me it has been over a month , I understand from you that the max seems like 15 days and maybe less for some people ?
  6. Hi 


    So did you move to San Fran or they moved your case ? how did you know that they moved your case , appreciate your help 

    1. babsloblaw


      I submitted an AR-11 and then there was some action of my case that I didn’t really have visibility on. 
      im assuming that was a field office change but can’t be 100% sure. But anyway I just added myself to the longer queue so I don’t get impatient. 

  7. Did you have your interview in San Francisco office ? Usually they give approval on spot and same day oath . What did the office tell you ?
  8. Strange it says 14 months , it’s now showing interview scheduled?
  9. If you don’t mind me asking , what was the estimated wait time on your profile when you got scheduled for interview?
  10. Thanks , sorry maybe I explained it wrong , I didn’t move to Fresno , the first time I called them to ask what the action is , they said we moved your case to Fresno and they don’t know why , the 2nd time I called they said we requested interview . my concerns is why it has been moved to Fresno and why I get nothing for a month now . it seems that most applications in March got scheduled. not sure if it’s a good idea to call them again :))
  11. Hi , I filed in early march 2020 , I received an email ( we have taken action on your case ) longed in , but there was no update , so far still nothing its almost a month . I tried to ask Emma but I didn't get any useful reply . I called USCIS but they told me that we requested interview and that my case moved to Fresno , really confusing . Would appreciate your help if you have any idea what that means .
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