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  1. NY March 2022 filler, 3 years rule. Interview was on Aug 20, approved same day, Oath Ceremony scheduled for Sept 28.
  2. Had my N400 interview in Manhattan on August 20. Approved on the spot, on Aug 23 Oath Ceremony notice appeared in online account, scheduled for Sept 28th. AOS, 3 year rule, March 2022 filler.
  3. Fixed. I went through all the questions from the start and this time that question showed up. Could be a glitch or just me going crazy. Thanks everyone for your help!
  4. I tried hitting Delete. Now in Review section it still shows like this. -> screenshot But it should be "No" for me and "Yes" for my wife. Not two "Yes".
  5. I can. However there is no section where it would ask me about prior marriages. That's why I'm confused. Straight after Martial Status it asks about current spouse.
  6. I have not written anything yet. Trying to understand if it's possible to change "Have you been married previously? " to "No".
  7. Hi everyone. I am filling out N400 form online and stuck at this particular part while reviewing and submitting. I don't have any prior marriages, however in review part it says : Have you been married previously? Yes. I went back to questions part and there is no such question in the form, it just asks you to list prior spouses which I didn't. Am I doing everything right or I am missing something. Thank you!
  8. It's strange that last two status changes are on the same date. It's almost like they scheduled it. 🤔
  9. January 2021 EAC update: status changed to New card produced. - 28 Jan Case received - 27 Feb NOA - 9 March 2021 Fingerprints waved - 9 March 2022 Approved, no interview
  10. EAC update: status changed to New card produced. 28 Jan Case received 27 Feb NOA 9 March 2021 Fingerprints 9 March 2022 Approved, no interview Thank you to everyone on this board. I wish you good luck, patience and not to stress out too much.
  11. Congrats! EAC here as well. When was your I-751 filing date?
  12. There are two more Vermont threads here somewhere already. Not much activity in them. However I saw a couple Dec and Jan 2021 fillers approved around this time.
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