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  1. Just wanted to post an update in case others in the same situation come across this post and need info. After several attempts at calling/emailing USCIS, I was unsuccessful at getting a response or update. The RFE had expired, even though we had sent it in mere days after we were notified of it. What I did was contact get in touch with my congresswoman. Within a day, her office got back to me via phone and email, stating that they had been in touch with my local field office. Within a few days after that, they forwarded me the response they received from the field office. Few days after that, received an update on USCIS stating "Case Approved." Long story short...If your case has not been updated for a while after any deadlines, do yourself a favor and get your representative involved. They do in fact help out, as they represent you as their constituent. Throughout this entire process, so far, communicating with my reps office was the smoothest and most efficient was the most pleasant experience. I cannot thank them enough. Best of luck to you all, and if anyone needs any help on how I did it, what I sent to them, etc., feel free to DM me. I will be glad to help you out.
  2. I posted a similar question a couple of days ago. We are in the same boat as you, but instead of it not posting after 2 weeks, ours has been 2.5 months!
  3. Yes. Sent via USPS Priority Mail with tracking. The docs were definitely delivered by USPS and to my surprise, on time I don't recall the exact date, but it was shown as delivered on/about the February 15th.
  4. Hi All, I wanted to know if anyone is going through the same situation my wife and I are. We had our GC Interview in San Francisco on February 2nd. Were told everything was good to go, except for the medical exam, which had to be resubmitted. Since COVID delays, my wife's medical exam had been done more than a year before the interview, and we received a RFE to complete an I-693. I found a certified Civil Surgeon, she went ahead and went through the entire process, the surgeon signed off on it and after a few days, we sent the signed/sealed packet to the address listed. The RFE deadline is May 4th and USCIS has still not "received" or updated her case. I have sent a few e-requests, which were answered with a generic response, and have actually spoken to live reps 3 times, all of whom did not give any specific info. but said they can send an internal request. The last rep. stated that there is an extension for the request, but I am not sure how concrete this info. is since it's not listed anywhere. Has anyone gone through this situation or is currently going through it? If so, mind sharing your experience, results, and maybe what to expect? Many thanks in advance!
  5. Great, thanks for the info. Both are the same location so I will take it with me and if it works, great. If not, no big deal, like driving anyway
  6. Hi All, I have browsed through the forum and found similar situation, but wanted to double check as the most thorough answer was from 2011. My wife is currently in the process of getting her GC (came here on a K1). We filled out her i-485 and sent it in, got a biometric appointment. Then we decided to apply for her i-765 and subsequently received another appointment for biometrics, exactly a week after the i-485 biometrics. We don't mind going twice of course, whatever is needed is fine. But since the office is a bit further away, is it possible to do both biometrics at the i-485 appointment? If I show them both letters can they submit it for both the i-485 and i-765 or is it required to go to each separately. If anyone has any experience with this, I would appreciate it. Either way, I will update what happens when we go to her first appointment, so other members in the future can have a reference when they are in a similar situation. Many thanks!
  7. Thanks for the tip of including the receipt. I was wondering about that too, and thought I missed the opportunity. Good looking out!
  8. Thank you to all 7 of you! It seems like the more I read into it, I overthink it and start to panic a bit. However, you have all calmed my nerves, and for that, I thank you!
  9. Good morning all, Hope you are all well! I have a few questions that I cannot find concrete info. for. 1) My fiancée and I got married within the 90 day period. However, we did not apply for a social security number due to covid and since then, her i-94 has expired. What are our options now in order to get her a social security number which we need for various reasons (I assume it will be one that says "not valid for employment" which is fine.) Is there a way to get her a new i-94 or an extension at our USCIS office? 2) We have filed her AOS for the Greencard, but she would like to work in the meantime. Would it make sense to file the i-765 for employment? I did some research and some places mention that by the time she gets her work authorization permit, her Greencard will be approved. Is this true? 3) In some forms, it asks what her current immigration status is. She initially entered on a K1, but since we are now married, what would her status be? Do I still put K1 or do I put AOS - adjustment of status? Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  10. Hi All, I have a question regarding getting a Social Security # for my wife. Her Visa was approved in March, 2020, she came here July, 2020 (delayed due to airport closures b/c of Covid). We were married late July, 2020. She is now in the process of getting her Green Card but we need a SSN for her for various reasons. Has anyone had any experience getting one during the Green Card processing phase? When I contact the SS Administration, some representatives state that she is able to get one, some say she can't. I have tried to read various info. on it and still cannot get a clear answer, and am hoping someone here has experience they can share. She is not allowed to work currently due to restrictions, so the SS # that we are looking for is the one that will state "Not valid for employment." Any info/advice is greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend!
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