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  1. Hi, We had the same situation here, where we were both living abroad. If you don't have any proof of domicile, you have to show that you have taken steps to reestablish domicile in the US. We submitted my wife's offer letter stating her start date, office, salary etc... and it worked. There's also other things like opening a bank account, housing, school for your kids... etc. If you maintained a bank account in the US, that helps too.
  2. Oh ok, that's actually the same timeline when I got my visa years ago. Did you have your interview on Monday too?
  3. Hi Folks, For people still waiting for an interview. I received my interview date today: July 7th. My DQ was April 21st. I was really hopeful that they would sped things up and they did!
  4. Apparently not, just that your medical should not be later than 6 months before your entrance in the US when you have the visa. But if you book right now, you won't have any appointment before a month. When I was at the hospital the guy asked if I have received an interview date. I said no, and that was it. I just don't know if the receptionist when I called for booking just put a note in my file. Did the Mater forward on your results or did you receive a sealed envelope that you have to bring to your interview? No envelope, they just forward the results. From the document I read, this is a database shared with the Australian Government that the Embassy will be able to consult.
  5. Hi there, My DQ is April 21st. Yes, it seems people receiving interview letters 3 months after DQ date but we need to consider that it will ramp up with all the restrictions liftings. Let's be hopeful! Also, regarding your medical appointment questions, I already got my medicals despite not having an interview date.
  6. That’s awesome! Congrats and good luck in your new life !
  7. Thanks! I assume if they're prioritizing Immigrants visas, it should get faster for us... Enjoy your new life! Please let us know when you receive your visa
  8. Congrats!! Hope you receive your visa soon. Is there a lot of people having interviews at the same time or you were the only one?
  9. Congratulations! What questions did they ask you? Did they ask for the 2020 tax documents? Thanks!
  10. There’s something I don’t understand though. Why did the embassy stop issuing immigrant visas last year? Especially IR and CR. These categories were ultimately not targeted by the proclamation
  11. The US Embassy in Dublin does have a backlog, not as much as London but still. Seems to be around January February at the moment. They don't accept any expedites though.
  12. I booked mine before even having the interview notice. I told her that the embassy website states that's our responsability to schedule the exam before the interview.
  13. Got it! I think it might depend on the district. Thanks!!
  14. Please let us know how it goes. I secured a job in the US with a big company and they are thinking about letting me start within EMEA to transfer me when I get my visa...
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