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  1. I am thinking about it talking with you.. R you in dv lottery 2022?
  2. Good to know.. And wich part of eu? I m from italy.. Consulate here seems to work
  3. For example: instruction 2022 are different from 2021 and you sent email with old rules
  4. I think that there are procedure followed by kcc and trying to bypass them because one man said that, it's too risky... Plus they said you will be contacted, so just wait. That's what i think. But i would like to know if there is some EU here
  5. Yes i've seen those videos but personally I don't like to risk this way.. I prefer to wait.. I would like to know if there is some EU in the same situation
  6. Hello everyone, i am a dv2022EU selectee and I have the case nº around 2200. I sent ds260 in june.. But still no email requesting for documents from kcc. Anyone in the same situation?
  7. If at the moment of the interview they say I am OK for green card I am going to leave army obviously. But my question is about during the interview, the fact that I am a soldier in that moment can cause my disqualify?
  8. Yes I know but military record talk to the past. I don't know.. I can't find out anything similar on the web
  9. I mean, be an Italian soldier at the moment of the consular interview would be a problem?
  10. Hi to everyone. I know that is unusual but the question is that: Can a military(Non U.S.) in active service be eligible for win a green card? Thank you a lot for every answer
  11. Hello to everyone! I had just submitted my DS-260 in it I described all my social media account but after that, I realized I have missed a social media account (Pinterest). I never posted anything on it. I just used It to download some wallpaper some time ago, for this reason I forgot it🤦🏼‍♂️ .. In your opinion it will be a problem? Thank you very much
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