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  1. I may have gotten it confused with something else. I’ve read so many threads on here over the years that everything just mulls together. I will just mention it again on the N400. USCIS already are aware of it from previous applications so no harm done. Would they judge the incident differently on an N400 application?
  2. Are you sure? Having read about it on these forums in the past I’ve always seen that those questions refer to the time you’ve been in the US prior to the N400 application. Perhaps I misunderstood?
  3. I have read that those questions only refer to your time in the US since you moved over. Just want to confirm.
  4. Sorry I was referring to the N400 form.
  5. Hello, Do questions 22-29 in Part 12 regarding being arrested etc relate to the time you have been in the US since emigrating here or prior to the US in your home country? I had an incident as a teenager in my home country which I have declared in all my applications up until this point. Thank you for your help in advance. Thanks
  6. Hey everyone, I mailed my I-751 application in January 2020. Today I checked my case status and it said the interview is ready to be scheduled. Needless to say I am pretty disappointed. I felt like I submitted lots of evidence. I was never interviewed for the AOS application, is this a policy change? I have read that the interview could still be months away. Since I am eligible to file my N400 application should I do so? I’m hoping that by the time the I-751 interview gets scheduled they’ll do a combined interview? Can you all please advise? This forum has been such a support and I am hoping I can cross the finish line with its help one last time. Thanks in advance.
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