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  1. thank you, hopefully you will hear something soon
  2. hello @Monnique did your husband had to quarantine before entering the Embassy in Kingston ?
  3. IR-1/CR-1 Visa my husband is the petitioner and he is here with me we live together in Cayman @Stacey Ann
  4. @Stacey Ann that is the problem, I don't live in Jamaica I will contact Andrews and see what they think. thank you Stacey
  5. well here we are getting close to the date in the middle of uncertainty. @StaceyAnn I have been trying to get in touch with the embassy with no luck to get some clarification on quarantine because in order to do the medical in time I will have to do it in the middle of the 14 days require by the embassy. Or would be a better idea if I schedule the medical after the interview Not sure what to do and definitely don't want to mess this one up, one again Thank you so much for any advise
  6. hello does anyone know if the embassy in Kingstonstill requires a 14 day quarantine before the interview even if you are fully vaccinated ? what happens if you attend the medical exam in the middle of your quarantine ? is there a contact number where they actually answer ? thank you
  7. Hello @Spirit96 do you know what's required to prove to the embassy that you have been in quarantine for 14 days, ? I saw that they required a documented quarantine
  8. hello Stacey hope all is good, @StaceyAnn do you by chance have any idea on how much time do they give you once they notified you of an interview date ? I'm asking because my husband and I are currently living in Grand Cayman and Thank God we got the approval for an expedite we requested due to Medical reasons just trying to figure things out since flights from here to Jamaica are limited and we will also have to go do the medical
  9. @nikolos hello, have you heard anything on your expedite request yet ?
  10. hello Just checking if you heard anything on your case yet, we got DQ in November 2020 as well
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