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  1. I love my wife. Everything is alright with us now. Thanks @Thomas Reinhardt
  2. @Deagle thanks. I had good communication with her yesterday. She was sorry for threatening to divorce me. Everything is okay with us. Thanks
  3. @arkenI had a good communication with my wife yesterday and she was sorry for the threatening to divorce me. We are good now.
  4. @Cathi I am not divorcing my wife, read what i said. She is threatening to divorce me. I love my wife so much! Yesterday I succeeded in reaching out to her on the phone, we spoke very well, and she is calm and from our communication yesterday, she was sorry. I proudly love my wife!
  5. How will i know if she eventually stopped the immigration process? Will i receive an email from USCIS, or NVC stating that my immigration process has terminated?
  6. Thanks @arken currently she doesn't communicate with me. Even when I tried calling directly on her mobile, she wasn't responding. She made it clear to me that she is seeing another man
  7. Thanks @Unlockable I want to know, if any action will affect my interview? As i have been DQ now waiting for my interview.
  8. Hi all, please i need your advise. I married my wife June 2019, we applied for my CR1 visa on Febuary 21, 2020, and got DQ November 2020. But my wife is now threatening to divorce me and stop the whole immigration process. She is a US citizen, she came to my country and we both married legally but i was surprised she changed towards everything, she told me that she have started seeing another man over there in US. PLEASE WHAT SHOULD I DO?
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