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  1. Asking for my coworker, when she goes to the interview, what will they ask her regarding her address and will they ask for docs to show new address? Or will they ask for proof to show she lives separate from abuser?
  2. Hi all, for the question about have you ever violated your nonimmigrant visa before, what is an example of that and/or what do they mean? Is it referring to not filing in time for a new visa if an old I94 has run out?
  3. Hi all, we got the notice for the I485 interview but just saw that if we have traveled outside the usa within 14 days we can't go? We both have the covid vaccine and already rescheduled before so we don't want to ask for another reschedule. Has anyone traveled and then went to their interview? is there anyway I can reach my uscis office and ask for someone to call us so we can ask them directly?
  4. When we filed the I485 to adjust based on marriage we didn't realize that the two years wait to remove conditions starts the day you receive the conditional GC not the day of your two year anniversary. since we are almost at our 2 year anniversary, I'm wondering can I pull my initial I485 (which would have us interviewing Before our 2 year anniversary) and just refile a new i485 so our AOS interview will be after our 2 year anniversary?
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