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  1. Hello everyone - Just chiming into this conversation - I have already spoken to some of you in private... but we are also in a similar boat with everyone...and thanks to everyone here also for putting their situations out there too. We have had our visa pending for interview since early June... and of course as everyone else we get absolutely no response from anyone that we have tried to contact. (Living in Portugal, interview in France) Through someone that I know that has a relative working in an embassay......they have advised to expect extremely little to be done because of the summer ### Jess.s was saying. Such a frustrating last year.
  2. Hoping for the best for you! We have had our visa at the Paris Embassy for about a month now, and they are not responding to anything. I hope that your case gets sorted very soon! It must be so frustrating to be this close!!
  3. Just letting anyone know that could use the info. We filed September 2020, got our NOA2 May 13th, NVC received the 24th, and the consulate received the case June 10th. In our case, between the NOA2 & the consulate getting the case, was quite quick....now just to play the waiting game for the interview. I have heard that Paris is slowing down right now....anyone else know anything about it??
  4. Hello! Yep they are. We have been speaking with others from Portugal, going to the French Embassay...and they have begun doing interviews. They are moving quite quickly recently it looks! Hope all the best for you both!!
  5. Hello all! We received our NO2 on May 13th and we just got word from the NVC and our case is in transit to the consulate in Paris, as of yesterday June 9th!
  6. Hello Lucky Cat, I have been reading through forums and I keep seeing you pop-up with many well informed answers!! We have a Medical Exam question In the situation my fiancée and I are looking at right now...we are nervous about where we will be stably...we also have the option of the medical exam in Ponta Delgada, Lisbon, or Paris...so we are wondering, if we schedule the medical exam for AFTER the interview...we know it will extend how long they have my fiancee's passport...but is this acceptable as long as the medical exam is scheduled? Thanks! Christian
  7. Greetings, My name is Christian, the sponsor, and myself and my fiancée are both residents in Portugal at the moment, and have our NOA2, waiting for the NVC to have our case in the Consulate (Paris). Since we are both not from Portugal, and are outcourced to the Paris embassay, we are really wanting to make sure things go smooth....since we need to get documents from Brazil...and go then to France. COVID times make these all the more fun as everyone knows!! I apologize if this is answered somewhere else, I swear I have been looking! haha Questions: 1. How long must the birth-certificate be valid for? (For example, my fiancee has her official birth certificate from September of 2020, would this work...or is another needed?) 1.2 I looked here https://www.visajourney.com/consulates/index.php?ctry=France&cty=Paris...but it only says the French one needs to be within 3-months 1.3: When it says ALL applicants birth certificates, it only means hers...they wouldn't need mine also, correct? 2. Does the I-134 have a valid-period? For example, I am going to need to ask my father for support, and would like for him the already have the document completed, before we are aware of the date of the interview. 3. I keep seeing things about translation...and languages valid at the embassy..I have seen that all things must be in French and/or English...but have also seen that it can be in Portuguese, French, or English. I don't think this will be too much of a problem...but just wondering if anyone knows? I sincerely appreciate the help! -Christian
  8. Hey Mario, Thank you so very much for all of this information!! Congrats on the acceptance and moving to the States! I have a quick question, for the packets, and scheduling the interview at the Paris Embassay...was anything done via mail, or was all done via email up until to point of the passport being sent? I ask, because we are going to move at the end of June, and wondering if I will need to change the mailing address in Lisbon. Thanks so much!
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