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  1. Yes I wouldn't need to reside all the time - just have visits a few times a year. Am guessing a B1 could be applied for by a non-profit? Would be useful to know whether can self sponsor as a director for an L1 too?
  2. I can't find anything about what visa a non-profit director would need to get? I have read in places that the L1 can be used by directors. If not the L1, nor E2, then which visa would be best? thanks
  3. Cant the physical address be the one used by a company registration service that charge a fee to provide an address?
  4. Yes but that refers to self-petitioning yourself as an employee. What if you want to self petition yourself as a director?
  5. For the physical office requirement of getting an L1 visa, is it sufficient to have a paid-for registered office address service? So use a special receiving/forwarding mail service etc. My actual business would largely be virtual
  6. Is it possible to self-sponsor for an L1 visa?
  7. If I am a non-profit director (company based in US) and want to reside there to run it, which visa should/could I get for doing this? The E2 is for profit companies so this wouldn’t apply, but what does one do for non-profits? Thanks
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