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  1. Anyone went through this already what test they do?
  2. It don’t I just wanted to add things since we got a big age difference
  3. I need advise or suggestion how many many pages per month should i include from start of 2019- to oct 2021 this year. I know its not require i know this. But i want to send as much as i can with the I129f. Like what is the suggestion do we take screenshots of the text logs with our phone and put in a word document showing dates. Like for example for Jan 2019- should i screenshot like 6 logs of pages that month or less or more. can someone show me the example you did like load the file to see. FIANCE LIVES IN CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA.
  4. Oh no i wasn’t looking for specific was wondering From filing i129f to noa2 like when is a medical exam set up is that after noa2 approve
  5. If we not starting the k1 process until late sept early oct this year. What is your opinion of when my fiancé do his medical exam . Like if the k1 is file early oct and sent off and we wait for approval then it sent to embassy. What month this year or next approximately you think the medical exam take place what are we looking at just trying to get ideal
  6. Ok thanks because I do have the court clerks letters saying What I wrote. So I will discuss with Fiancé later .we might just do the k1 and send what we have from the clerks office. Since the k1 question number 4a I think it’s call it’s tough to think of this good or bad , considering passing a school bus and reckless driving is consider a misdemeanor those records don’t exist over 10 years they purge not expunged
  7. I have a issue please assist our plan has been let’s do the k1 we won’t start until sept this year. But there’s 4 things in my pass that is bugging me that I am not able to get no records from police or Courts. the below is the following passing a school bus Reckless driving (speeding) driving with no license ( not suspended I just left it at home ) making annoying calls in the state of va after ten years the records are purge and physical documents destroy. I got letters from a few court clerks offices saying pretty much the same thing, unable to provide records after 10 years .I did a criminal background Check on myself and nothing came back, I went to court for making annoying calls but I believe it was drop that was like 15 plus years ago .the dmv doesn’t even got records of no traffic violations.since it’s over 10 years. to avoid this headache I thought about going CR1 route i mean they will know but at least it’s not as hard to try searching for all this. from reading stuff I heard the cr1 doesn’t ask about criminal past on me (US petition) Is the CR1 form fill out by me or my foreigner spouse? does any one has a link to the form to look at it ? Thoughts
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