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  1. I really appreciates contributions despite that I don't know you but those with this type of case won't come back to tell the house what the remedy as you can see someone trying to laugh at me when nothing is funny.
  2. Okay.I will be expecting to hear back from you..Thank you
  3. Yes I said I was married on a US non immigrant visa application when I was never married but currently married to a US citizen
  4. OK but the marriage has not been schedule yet at the marriage registry at that time..The affidavit of bachelorhood I sworn at the court was before my current marriage and that's the only documents I have as proof. Pls how do I go about this RFE documents proofing the marriage was terminated prior to my current marriage.God bless
  5. Thank you for your information.do we have to do this at first stage or after.
  6. I cannot get a divorce for a marriage that didn't hold...The only documents I have to proof myself is an Affidavit i sworn that i was still a Bachelorhood before my current marriage took place..
  7. Good day My non immigrant visa application was filled married (2016) but i was denied and the woman I was supposed to marry then was impregnated by another man so the wedding didn't hold..Now am married to an American woman and she's filing for me to come over..my point now is how will I defend my previous visa application that the said married I filled then didn't hold..How do proof to the consular that I was never married...
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