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  1. Thank you so much for the detailed information. I haven't received hardcopies from DoS or USCIS yet. Hoping to receive soon. Regarding H1B, I will check with my international office lawyer. Thank you again.
  2. Hi I recently got my FR update in DoS website. I updated the same in my previous message with my timeline. My question is when can I expect to receive the hardcopy letter from DoS? I have not received receipt from USCIS also. Will I get a receipt and can I check the status of final certificate with that receipt number? Also can we apply for H1B using hardcopy of FR from DoS or I have to wait until USCIS sends the final copy? Please suggest. Thank you.
  3. Hi it was not a regular email I sent him. When I visited his page, it said email me. I clicked that and it took me to a subject column, where I typed in pretty much what I typed in this blog and asked if he could help me in this issue by contacting and requesting to expedite the process on my behalf. So, I am sorry I don't have a mail copy to send you as it was on his direct page.
  4. Hi Vaish_M,


    Have you got necessary info for your NORI application/ Lmk. I can guide you.

  5. Update: After reading this blog on April 26 2021, I came to know that I can contact my local congressman for help. Hence I contacted him on the same day. I got reply email on the same day that they will look into this issue. On April 30th 2021, I got an email from my congressman's office asking me for some supporting documents. I sent them and later at night I saw the status changed to favorable recommendation. I am glad it worked out. Currently waiting for USCIS approval. Any clue how long it may take for USCIS approval? Can I check USCIS approval status in DoS website itself? Thank you all for your suggestions.
  6. Hi Also when I see all the screenshots of DOS status, I see everyone is having passport data page. But my status does not show passport data page but otherwise shows everything including Fee, Form DS 2019, Form DS 3035, Statement of Reason, No objection certificate. Is this a problem? But email from waiver review division says "A check of the Waiver Review System indicates that we have received the No Objection Statement on your behalf from the Embassy of India on January 13, 2021. Your case file appears to be complete and ready to process." Should I be worried about this passport data page?
  7. Hi all, I applied for J1 waiver on October 27th 2020. Indian consulate and Embassy was so quick and they sent my NOS to DOS on November 5th. But in between, DOS decided to change my case number (I dont know why). My embassy, neither me was aware of that and embassy sent NOS with my old case number. DOS did not intimate us and until December 2020 I was waiting for the waiver checking the status. Only in mid December 2020 I noticed I couldn't see my status with my old case number. So I wrote DOS. I did not get any reply. By January 11th they emailed me saying that they did not receive NOS. i immediately contacted my embassy and they said they sent on November 5th and sent me a soft copy of the same. I emailed DOS again and they said they cannot accept this case number and they need the same document with new case number. I agin requested my embassy to provide the same document with new case number. They were so kind and sent me on the same day. Finally my status showed NOS received on January 13th 2021. Since then I am waiting for my waiver and still no news. I have been emailing once in two weeks and their standard reply is "A check of our Waiver Review System indicates that your case file appears to be complete and ready to process. Provided we have received all the required documentation, we assure you that your request will be processed as soon as possible". Has anyone of you come across such issue? Any suggestions to expedite the process would be great. Based on my submission date it is 25 weeks now. But based on the date NOS received by DOS (January 13 2021), its 15 weeks now. Has anyone ever called and spoke with waiver review division? I am already in J1 grace period. I badly need the certificate sooner. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
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