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  1. Hello there. If you don't mind me asking, from where did you translate and notarize your Saudi Birth Certificate? I'm looking for a certified translator in Bangladesh. I have one which is the older version handwritten paper in green. Do I need to get it attested from MoFA or Saudi Embassy after translation? Thanks.
  2. Our category was upgraded in 10 days after calling the USCIS!
  3. Oh, alright! Hope you'll hear from them soon. Good luck to you too! 😊
  4. Oh okay! Are you documentarily qualified after the review? We submitted some of our documents on May, added joint sponsor's documents on June 5th and our last submission was on June 8th. Let's see when they are going to review our documents.
  5. How does NVC review documents, by the first submission date or the last? If someone has a missing document and submits it on a later date, does the review time remain the same?
  6. Unfortunately, it’s a technical issue on their end. Hopefully it gets fixed soon Insha'Allah!
  7. Yes I'll call them first thing in the morning.
  8. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm encountering a problem in my ceac account. On the AOS section, whenever I click on 'NOT SUBMITTED', it redirects me to the civil documents page. Even when I'm trying to click on 'AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT & FINANCIAL EVIDENCE', nothing happens, it goes nowhere, remains on the same civil documents page. Has anyone run into the same problem? Category - cr1
  9. My case just got approved Alhamdulillah, after 1day of actively reviewing. 😊
  10. Hello everyone. Just so you know, today my husband got an email from the USCIS mentioning our I-130 being upgraded from f2a to cr1 successfully. The reviewing took 10days after calling them. 😊
  11. Hello Regg! Did you submit the screenshot of the page saying they don't provide pcc to non residents? Did nvc accept your submitted file? FYI, I also lived in Saudi Arabia for a long time and left for good, plus don't have the pcc.
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