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    The short version? We both play World of Warcraft and met in-game. He was rude to me and I was rude right back at him. =) Despite that little iffy start, we realized quickly we had the same ideas about how people should conduct themselves, regardless of the medium, and ended up spending more and more time together ... in-game. Then one night, I asked him if he would like to take out of game and he was intrigued. As was I.

    I can't say I was instantly smitten - I am suspicious by nature. But the intrigue grew and kept growing. Finally after 4 months of talks and happy game-playing and growing admiration and attraction, I took the leap and flew to meet him.

    We've never looked back. I've visited him 7 or 8 times since that first meeting and it's been better every time. Now we wait anxiously for the authorities to allow us to be together forever.


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