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  1. She was here on a student visa originally. But, I think my question is a little broader than that. I'm basically asking people who have asked to have their interview rescheduled the following question: When you received the notice of the new interview date, was the notice essentially the same--requesting the same documents, etc. I'm trying to figure out if I should read anything into the fact that the original notice included a detailed list of documents (and required my appearance), whereas the new notice doesn't require she bring any documents.
  2. This is a petition for alien relative. Sorry if I put it in the wrong place.
  3. We had received a notice of interview for early September. It seemed like a routine I-797C Notice of Action, and included a long list of documents to bring, and the spouse was directed to appear. Unfortunately, we had travel plans related to work, and could not appear, so requested a rescheduled interview. We just received a new appointment date. However, there is no list of documents to bring, and the notice says that my wife can *only* bring an interpreter or attorney or disability assistant. The new appointment notice is also not designated as an I-797C Notice of Action. I'm trying to figure out if the new notice is just a change to the date, and the original request remains in effect, or if there is something ominous to read into their lack of interest in the documents that substantiate the marriage. Has anyone else received a rescheduled "notice to appear for initial interview" that doesn't repeat the original one? Thanks in advance.
  4. My wife needs to obtain her birth certificate from China. She has the hospital's 1989 certificate of birth, but has lived outside of China for most of her life. So, I get she will need to go to the Notary Public Office. But, without family in the area who can help, we are wondering if there are any vendors/service providers who could make the request on her behalf. Do you think the Chinese Embassy here in Washington, DC would be a place to start, or are they simply going to direct us to the local Notary Public Office? Thanks in advance.
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