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  1. Right. I haven’t seen any interviews in the DQ to interview spreadsheet since last Nov. I’m just wondering how many people are still waiting vs just not filling the spreadsheet.
  2. Hi- we have been waiting for about 3 months since DQ. I’m curious to find out how long people have been waiting recently? I know in general there is a big backlog due to COVID 19 etc but if anyone can share how long you are actually waiting for CR-1/IR-1 interview at Casa, that’s great!
  3. We submitted all documents end of January 2021. Reviewed by NVC end of March. Pretty much in line with their published timeline, which is updated every Monday.
  4. Thanks. Any actual case, anyone? NVC says ( officially) once we resubmitted documents, we are back at the bottom of the pile, as if we submitted a new case - and currently over two months wait for review.
  5. Anyone can share how long it took for NVC to review the document(s) resubmitted after the original document(s) was rejected? Thank you.
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