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  1. Sorry to hear! The waits are just agonizing. Hopefully this delay is a very small one!
  2. No, not yet unfortunately. Though I feel like I really should have by now. Not sure what to make of it.
  3. Hi there! 

    Saw you wrote that your husband's CR-1 application got expedited on March 13th and that you recently got an email with an interview. We also got that expedited email on the 13th! (Strange cause we didn't request that) But anyway we still haven't received an email with the interview booking. You mentioned you wrote to your senator and called the consulate... can I ask how you framed the question to your senator and the consulate? I'd love to try and get this sorted! Thank you! 


  4. Hi there, Wondering if anyone can share their timeline for green card interview in Sydney? My husband got notice that his CR1 visa application had been expedited on March 13 but then we haven't heard anything since. I thought we would have received an email with the interview date by now. Thanks! K
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