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  1. Thank you! Im glad to hear that it will still appear on your account and that I didn't miss the letter.
  2. Thank you! Best of luck to you, hopefully you will get your oath soon so you can get a passport! I know how unnerving it is to wait to see family!
  3. How do you get notified about the date of your oath ceremony? I passed my citizenship interview 14 days ago and they promised they will schedule my oath ceremony for the end of February since I told them I need to travel to visit family (emergency) for a couple of weeks. After my interview the status on my myusics account said that the case is reviewed for quality, which is a normal procedure, but now I checked my status again and any note or status on my citizenship application disappeared from the page, there is just the status that the removal of conditions on my green card has been approved. I thought they will put the date of my oath on myuscis account? Or do they only send it by mail? How do I know I didn't miss it? I will be in Europe for one more week.
  4. Hi all, I have two pending petitions, I-751 and N-400. My citizenship interview was just scheduled, but it doesnt say anything about it being a combo interview, for both I-751 and N-400. It specifically says I cannot have anybody with me except for interpretor (no husband). So now I'm confused. I thought they always did combo interviews in those circumbstances and let you know? Anybody else had this experience?
  5. You said you traveled internationally with the 18 month extension letter. Was the 18 month period already expired when you traveled with it? I haven't received my new 24 month letter, and my 18 month letter is expired. I called uscis and they said I should be able to travel with the 18 month expired letter, as long as it is within the 24 month period, but I have my doubts about it because I read everywhere do not travel with expired extension letter. So I'm interested in your experience. Thank you.
  6. Thank you, I will try to schedule an infopass again. I tried before and they told me that the office is still closed, unless it's an emergency travel.
  7. Hi all, I have a I-751 petition pending, and my 18 month extension letter expired this September. I know USCIS extended the validity of extension letters to 24 months, but they also have on their website that they will be issuing new ones for 24 months, but I still havent received the new one for 24 months. My question is if I can travel internationally on my current extension letter. I called USCIS and the lady told me I can, and that they dont send out new extension letters for pending petitions automatically, and that as long as it is within that 24 month period, it is ok, but I'm not sure because the letter says it is valid for 18 months which have already passed and I dont want to risk not being able to board a plane back to the US. Has anybody have any experience with international travel since this September extension with an expired notice?
  8. Hello, I changed my address while my I-751 is pending (only moved to a different apt. in the same building). I changed it on the general USCIS website, even though the website said to rather do it on myuscis account if you have one (which I do, but frankly I didn't figure out how to do change address on myuscis, lol). I got an email with a confirmation from USCIS a couple days later, saying that they updated my address in their system. But now I'm getting nervous about if they actually have the right address since I've been waiting for my new green card for 15 months now. Anybody has the same experience with changing the address on USCIS website instead of myuscis? Is it ok? What is the best way to make sure they have the right address? Sorry for being paranoid, lol.
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