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  1. How are you doing Sir... Do you think i can file online this time...?
  2. Yes you are right and thanks.....how long do you think i will wait before i start filling again.....?
  3. Hi there how are you doing today ma.....

  4. I thanks there is a mistake on the form I-130A i put my information where it need to put my wife info intead
  5. Hi there everyone... please i need help about my I-130 in a month ago i send the document in.... i received the notice letter 4 week after they ask for more evidence which i did send it.... a week after the case was denied...... my first Question is that my wife in Nigeria does she need to sign the form I-130A because on the form it said if your spouse is out of the country she doesnt have to sign... what are my Option do i need lawyer to file appeal ... Thanks
  6. l get my green Card through marriage 2014 and i get my Citizenship 2017 my final Divorc date 11 Sep 2020 I meet her through a friend No i dont know her before
  7. Thanks you All am doing K-3 Because am married my wife in Nigeria and i get my green card thro us citizen but it didnt work out
  8. Thanks so much on the forml-130A it said expires 02/28/2021 is that mean i can't used it...?
  9. Thanks so much another question is can i fill for my twins brother together with my wife at the same time. pls advice. Thanks
  10. please i am filling the for l-130A and i get stuck on Form I-130A please which Date can i put there pls.. Part 1. Information About You (The Spouse Beneficiary) 9.a.Date From (mm/dd/yyyy) 9.b.Date To (mm/dd/yyyy)
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