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  1. USA has Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson as approved covid vaccines. Do the person immigrating needs to get one of these or can get what is offered in the county?
  2. Hi! Yes. We were DQ on August 30th.
  3. Not Documentary qualified yet. Submitted On July 3rd. Do you know how long it takes at NVC?
  4. Just planning ahead. For Mumbai Interview, I have seen people showing their chat history to the interview. We mainly use what’s app. Do you guys take screenshots or export the whole chat? The thing is if I take screenshots, it will take a lot of pages and lot of work. Will chat export suffice?
  5. I filled online. Online says Nebraska. NOA1 letter says Potomac. Chatted and called an agent, and both times was told that case is in Nebraska. Not really sure, why I received letter from Potomac or why it says Nebraska online.
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