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  1. Hope for the best. But their last part is scary. "However, as a result of COVID the number of visas issued in lower-priority preference categories or in such programs as the diversity visa program likely will not approach the statutory ceiling in Fiscal Year 2021. "
  2. Hello, Any luck about the interview? Have you heard about what's going on?
  3. Hmmm.. Her date might not be current. Anyway, let's wait. My case is EB. Your is EB too?
  4. When did you get it? Around 4th March, DQ December 2020. Have you heard any one got interview date?
  5. Ok, thank you very much for your reply. I am on the same track, I got the same email on 4th of March. Let's see what happens next. Please keep posted as you get a reply.
  6. Hey, did you receive any other email from NVC? Is your case is current?
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