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  1. Yeah 2020, it was a mistake
  2. Yes Ghana is back, they have scheduled everyone DQ in February 2021
  3. Yes, this afternoon, NVC has scheduled the rest of February 2020 DQs against October 2021.
  4. Hmmmmm, I'm hopeless. It baffles my mind, so in America when agencies and organizations don't work, all they do is to sit idle and wait till the agencies are ready? Because we have done everything we could to get the embassy's attention but nothing came out of it.There is no form of communication nor assurance from the embassy in Ghana to us. We are just here helpless and uncertain. Well
  5. I will advice you to invite your girlfriend to Ghana so you can get married here. And then apply for spousal visa, be aware that it will take you more than 30 months to finally get your visa. This is because Ghana currently has a lot of spousal visa backlogs dating back to people DQ in February 2020. Currently fiancé and spousal visas are taking the same time intervals to process. Since spousal visa has greater benefits and less expensive, just go for the spousal visa. Hope this helps.
  6. Don't you have anyone in the US to petition for you? DV lottery is good but not everybody wins it.
  7. The embassy started scheduling the DV winners since June.
  8. I'm really aware of what's going on with our embassy. They are done rescheduling visa appointments that were canceled last year. Now what's left is for them to request cases from NVC, and they are not doing so. For your information, they are rather scheduling interviews for DV lottery winners. That's their priority now. I don't know what CR1 /IR1 have done to them. Maybe they don't care about how this is affecting us negatively.
  9. The embassy is done with the cases that are with them before closure of the embassy in March 2020. They have refused to take cases that are at the NVC. That is why there is a decline in May this year, they don't have any case to work on. They just don't care about spouses of U.S citizens and K1s
  10. It wasn’t me, probably by him. Thanks for letting me know.
  11. Okay, is he suppose to report to NVC or USCIS?
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