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  1. Hi @Julio-jimmy just curious to know how the interview went, if you were approved, and if you already received your visa/passport back yet? Thanks!

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    2. JSmith15


      That is amazing news! Congrats! Seems like turnaround time for getting passport back has been quick lately. 

    3. Julio-jimmy


      yea, we were super surprisedthat it was so fast.

    4. Julio-jimmy


      Looks like your interview is coming up soon hey? Let us know if you have any Q or need anything!

  2. Does anyone else's DS260 have an expiry date of April 30th 2022? I've seen some lawyers online mentioning that you have to re sign and bring new confirmation page to interview? Does anyone know anything about this???
  3. That only says to bring the joint sponsor's and petitioner's legal status and tax returns. Not their I-864 form. Separately, We do see that the joint sponsor's spouse must complete a Form I-864A, which answers our 2nd question, but not our initial question.
  4. We have looked over this countless times, I can't find anywhere that says we need an I-864. Are you able to send where exactly?
  5. We are preparing for our upcoming interview... Lots of you guys are mentioning that you're bringing an I-864 to the interview? Its also listed in the FAQ's list of documents to bring to the interview. However, I haven't been able any indication of this on the Us.state.gov website under interview preparation? Is anyone able to direct me to where it says that we are supposed to? We'll end up bringing one to be extra prepared though! For those of you who have and are bringing an I-864 to the interview, are you brining the previous one your petitioner filled out, in addition to an updated one for the 2021 tax year? Also, a question for those who have a joint sponsor... If you previously submitted to NVC an I-864 affidavit of support (AOS) completed by a joint sponsor (not the petitioner): Bring proof of the joint sponsor’s legal status in the United States (photocopy of a U.S. passport, birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or legal permanent resident card) and their federal U.S. tax return (Form 1040) from the previous year. If the joint sponsor’s tax return includes a spouse, then the spouse must complete Form I-864A. Are you bringing an updated I-864 from your joint sponsor? Also, are you bringing a I-864A filled out by the spouse as well? We've seen conflicting information on this online...
  6. Yes! We got our interview date as well! May 4!!!
  7. Hi there, we've been following your posts and the spreadsheet throughout this year, but haven't joined yet. Are you able to add us to the group? We have a question regarding domicile for other couple in our situation. PD: January 11 2021 CC: NVC delay - we're expecting mid January 2022
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