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    I work in Thoroughbred horse racing. I travel to sunny Florida every November-May on a B-1 Visa (7 years now, 1996-2001, and 2006).

    I met my fiance "Angel" last winter, and he asked me to marry him, unfortunately a few weeks after I returned home to Canada

    I visited him in Puerto Rico May 14-28
    He is visiting me in 2 weeks, from Sept 4-17, woohoo!

    Dummy that I am for wanting to do things by the book, I heard about the K-1 in July, and had Angel file it, ironically, on July 28. I figure it would be approved before the end of November, the time I go to Florida with my B-1 anyway.

    Now the processing time is up to 7 months, and I would have been better off just waiting till I got there, marrying and filing an Adjustment of Status.

    After roadblock after roadblock, we feel like criminals for just wanting to stay together.

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